10 Literary iPhone Cases Under $15

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

I just bought an iPhone. I’m late to this particular bandwagon because I don’t care about phones even a little and my husband Very Much Cares About Phones And Therefore Picks Them Out For Me And Also He Intensely Dislikes Apple, so. But when my latest Android thingy started getting wonky, I decided to go ahead and give the iPhone a college try, by which I mean get one and then put a neat (read: bookish) case on it. It also had to be a cheap case because hey, I just spent a stupid amount of money on a telephone. Here are a few that I looked at (and the one I eventually bought):

Jane Eyre Penguin case! So much to love.

jane eyre iphone case

The Gate of Moria! I’d be makin’ calls to Middle Earth like a boss, except there’s no signal down there.

gate of moria iphone case

Pride and Prejudice case that looks like a real book cover! Because juxtaposition.

pride and prejudice iphone case

To Kill A Mockingbird case that makes me want to have TWO phones so I can also have this.

to kill a mockingbird iphone case

Harry Potter case. Great combo of cute and a touuuccchhh creepy?

harry potter iphone case

The Little Prince! I’m not quite Zooey-Deschanel-level-twee enough to pull this off, but I want someone to.

little prince iphone cover

The martini glass is the ‘y,’ get it? Of course you do. Love that this isn’t the most familiar cover.

great gatsby iphone cover

Poe, you’re so fancy.

edgar allan poe iphone cover

You could be the coolest cat in your high school.

catcher in the rye phone cover

And the one I finally went with…Moby-Dick!

moby dick iphone cover


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