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8 Bookish Finds For A Child’s Playroom

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You love your kids. They love books. Let’s make everyone happy and turn your child into a book! Or, you could check out these bookish finds for your kid(s)’ playroom.

The Lyrics to “Forever Young”

Listen: If the Nobel Committee decided that Dylan was worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature, I’m gonna need you to be fine with me including this as bookish. There are a lot of things I like about this, starting with the fact that it’s not demanding anything from the reader—hoping that my wishes all come true is much sweeter than yelling at me to LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. like Becky’s pillows do, Jesus.

Side note that is not at all appropriate for this list: I was going to dance to this song with my father on my wedding day but he went and died a few months before the wedding. So instead my brother and I wept and snotted all over each other while awkwardly swaying to this song while everyone stared and then finally, after about 25 hours of the song, I hollered at other people to start dancing because why is that song so long? Thankfully, we had folks (Thanks Jess and Lincoln!) who were the world’s best wedding guests and just hopped up to shake some legs by the crying brother and sister combo. Wow, this piece about children’s playrooms is starting out strangely dark, no?

“Once Upon a Time” Metal Sign

This is a perfect option to showcase a reading nook within a playroom or just as a general interest piece of art. While most people think of this saying as the beginning of many fairytales, we know that many of our readers think of the beloved show—but no worries, Katisha Smith has set you up with 7 Fairy Tale Retellings if You Miss Once Upon a Time.

Classic Children’s Books Art

Do your kids already love these books, or most of them? Then it’s perfect! Have your kids not yet begun reading these classics? Cool—use it as a fun challenge. Or just enjoy the pretty colors and lovely memories it brings back to those of us who grew up with these delightful tomes.

Child Reading Wall Art

This child is quite adorable—and I have known at least a dozen children in my life so I am qualified to say this. Plus, they’re reading and enjoying lovely plants, and they have a big ole smile on their face. If this isn’t the perfect way to decorate your bookish kid’s playroom then I can’t help you. Well, unless the other many options I’ve provided you help. Then I can help you.

“I Heart Books” Sign

Does your child heart books? Well, here’s a great way to let the world know. Covered with, as the maker describes it, a “colorful yarn cord,” it’s a simple, practical option that fits in with all color schemes and décor styles.

Book Tree Wall Decal

While we’re on the topic of decorating your walls, check out this lovely tree with bunches of books nestled in its boughs. You can choose the black matte color as shown or pick from more than a dozen other options to fit in with your décor.

Tree Branch Bookshelf

…And while we’re on the top of trees, let’s discuss this fantastic tree branch bookshelf. Yes, I know what you’re thinking—it looks more like a child- and owl-shelf than a bookshelf, and $2,500 is a lot to spend on any type of shelf. I don’t disagree, but also it’s a beautifully hand-created piece that we may as well dream about. It’s a good example to set for your children! Dreams can come true—even dreams about putting children onto tree branches to be supervised by owls.

Tree Shelf

Good Lord, am I obsessed with trees or what? I am in the middle of The Overstory by Richard Powers, which I highly recommend, as does the Pulitzer committee, so let’s blame that. Though, it is also true that I recommend the looks of this amazing tree with frogs and foxes and books! This shelf is securely attached to the wall for extra safety precautions. Now go read The Overstory and find out if this tree is likely to be talking to other trees (it is) and how it can share nutrients with other trees (magic).

Book Letter Book Art

Wait, that’s how you spell Poky? I read that book approximately seven billion times as a kid and I could have sworn it was spelled “pokey,” but the internet just informed me that “pokey” is “American slang” for prison—that’s a lot different than a slow puppy, dang. Anyway, I know a bunch of you think people should be thrown into the pokey for turning books into other objects, but as a person who likes to see books everywhere I go, I’d rather this than the trash‚and isn’t that what everyone’s looking for when decorating their child’s playroom—items that are better than trash?

And there you have it! Eight bookish items for your child’s playroom, plus a lot of tree talk, a depressing tale about my dead father and a brief discussion of prison slang.