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Literary Desserts for Your Bookish Sweet Tooth

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

As is true with all things, literary desserts are better than regular desserts. For those of you who are on a holy-shit-here-comes-summer-and-with-it-tiny-bathing-suits diets, just look at the pretty pictures. For the rest of us, I’ve included a handful of literary-themed sweets with recipes. Get your bookish nom on:

Book cover cupcakes from Victoria’s Kitchen

literary cupcakes

Calvin and Hobbes retirement cake based on its last strip:

calvin and hobbes cake

Dothraki Horse Heart Jell-o from Not Your Momma’s Cookie


Hunger Games wedding cake. May the odds of getting the biggest piece be ever in your favor.


Sorting Hat Caramels

and and and Butterbeer Cupcakes (with a recipe!)

butterbeer cupcakes

Eye of Sauron cake is creepy.


Rose water Turkish delight for Narnia fans.


Heart-shaped Christmas Cakes from Little House on the Prairie (with recipe!)


Black and White Night Circus cake (with recipe)



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