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18 Bookish Cottagecore Gifts

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When I think of cottagecore, I think of my childhood. I was raised by my grandparents, and the cottagecore aesthetic makes me think of what surrounded me back then: blankets knitted by my great-grandmother, lace doilies on every end table, roses blooming right up to the bedroom windows, old books about fables I used to read over and over again, my grandmother canning green beans in the kitchen after I had plucked them off the vines climbing the fence in the backyard. It is no surprise to me that so many people find comfort in the skills, crafts, and look that comprises the simpler, more inclusive, and idealized life that the cottagecore aesthetic represents. Cottagecore and books, naturally, go hand in hand. Here are some literary cottagecore gifts that you can give as a gift to yourself, or to others in your life who crave the same soothing, lovely aesthetic.

Customized Pressed Flower Bookmarks: Select which real flowers you’d like in your bookmark and have it custom pressed for you by Kaylie Reads.

Botanical Journal: Write down your thoughts, ideas, and dreams in this botanical-inspired journal made entirely from recycled material.

Frog and Toad Cardigan Print: This is a delightfully minimalist print of a cardigan that either Frog or Toad would wear (and there are more in the series!)

Anne of Green Gables Inspired Candle: Bring home the scent of Avonlea in autumn with this soy candle.

The Secret Garden Book Scarf: Keep yourself warm with this infinity scarf inlaid with text and drawings from The Secret Garden.

British Literature Tea Set: Enjoy a cup of tea from this tea set inspired by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, or Charles Dickens, each tea aptly named Pride and Peppermint, Matcha Do About Nothing, and Oliver Lemon Twist.

A Moomin Mug: Drink that tea or coffee or cider in one of these adorable Moomin mugs.

Maya Angelou Wall Art: Put Maya Angelou’s words of encouragement on your wall with this canvas drop cloth wall hanging.

Cottagecore Stationery: This lovely stationery set is happy to get you back into the habit of handwriting letters to your loved ones.

Vintage Fern Postcards: Or perhaps postcards are more your style. These lush green fern designs bring summer to mind.

Women in Literature Themed Candles: Make your home smell even more wonderful with this set of candles dedicated to Sylvia Plath, Alice Walker, Harper Lee, and Jane Austen.

Winnie the Pooh Art Prints: If you love that silly old bear, celebrate the Hundred Acre Wood with this set of classic Winnie the Pooh art prints.

Book Roses: These hand cut book paper roses will last forever, and can either be bundled together in a vase, or paired with real flowers.

Langston Hughes Poem Print: Hang this lovely print of Langston Hughes’s poem Helen Keller on your wall for some inspiration.

Alice in Wonderland Decorative Bottle: Keep things curiouser and curiouser with the bottle Alice used to shrink herself (which tasted like cherry tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast, all mixed together).

Bird Bookends: Secure your books on their shelves with these sweet little birds perched on books, painted with a vintage white finish.