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Get Dapper With These 20 Literary Bow Ties

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Who doesn’t love a bow tie? They’re fun, they’re fashionable, they’re versatile. You can wear one as part of a causal ensemble or with formal attire for a fancy wedding. Pair them with jeans, suits, skirts, or sweater-vests—seriously, there’s basically no outfit that doesn’t benefit from a well-placed bow tie. Plus, if you learn how to tie one yourself, you can claim some serious bragging rights. (This skill is still my proudest fashion accomplishment.) Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your bookish friends and loved ones, these 20 literary bow ties are certain winners.

Book Patterned Literary Bow Ties

Book Bow Tie by Wolfish Threads

Brown Bow Tie with Flying Books by Bow Tie YAKUT

Antique Books Bow Tie by Meredith Myers Designs

Whimsical Library Bow Tie by WeAreBlue

Blue Silk Bow Tie with Antique Books by Krawattenzwang

Specific Book–Themed Bow Ties

Alice In Wonderland Bow Tie by Pinkiwonderland

Game of Thrones Sigils Bow Tie by DapperOnArrival

Winner-the-Pooh Bow Tie by LamFineDesigns

Edgar Allen Poe “The Raven” Bow Tie by Meredith Myers Designs

Lord of the Rings Map Bow Tie by LookCool Store


Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Bow Tie by DapperOnArrival

Harry Potter House Crest Bow Ties by MvZDesigns

Shakespeare Quotes Bow Tie by KennebunkLisa

Comics-Themed Bow Ties

Avengers Bow Tie by DapperOnArrival

Black Panther Bow Tie by DapperOnArrival

Classy Flash Bow Tie by LookCool Store

Library-Themed and Novelty Bow Ties

Words on Paper Bow Tie by MadelinesBeauxTies

Notebook Paper Silk Bow Tie by Cyperoptix

Library Due Date Card Bow Tie by Cyperoptix

Paper Bow Tie made from Books by MisterPonyklau

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