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Literary Baby Costumes To Buy for a Fun Halloween

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One of the conversations that takes place in my house on repeat is about what our baby will wear for Halloween. She’ll be the perfect age — 7 months — to really be dressed up, and as we’ve discussed with her, Halloween is the ideal holiday, since you can never be disappointed by seeing people dressed up. It’s a holiday you can make as scary or as sweet as you desire, and you’re not putting up expectations for something grand like sometimes happens around the winter holidays.

I’ve been perusing options for what she’ll be, and it was hard not to want to snap up every single literature and book inspired baby costume. She won’t be wearing a bookish baby costume this year (maybe in the future), but because there are so many dang adorable options, I had to collect them somewhere.

Whether you’re starting your search for the perfect baby costume or you simply love looking at miniature clothing and costumes, this is your catnip. Find below comic-inspired duds, as well as fantastic crocheted options, and more.

If this roundup doesn’t satiate you, never fear. Get inspired to DIY your own kid costume with this selection of easy kids’ Halloween costume ideas and or these book character costumes for kids.

Literary Baby Costumes for Halloween

Image of crocheted yoda costume

Your baby deserves to be Yoda. $32 for this crocheted beauty.

Image of a baby in a Little Red Riding Hood costume.

I am obsessed with this Little Red Riding Hood baby costume. It’s adorable. $26 and up.

Image of a baby in a Where The Wild Things Are costume

I do not think there is much cuter than a baby dressed like a wild thing. Where The Wild Things Are costume, $69.

Image of Little Miss Sunshine costume.

Are you familiar with the “Little Miss” book series? This costume is an ode to Little Miss Sunshine. $25.

Image of Madeline-inspired dress.

This Madeline-inspired costume is outstanding and, frankly, a perfect everyday outfit for a little. $80 and up.

Image of Pennywise baby costume.

You’ll float too. Pennywise the clown baby Halloween costume, $80 and up.

Crocheted Peter Rabbit costume.

As a counter to the scary clown costume, here’s a sweet option: Peter Rabbit. This handmade, crochet Halloween baby look is $42+.

Image of a Wonder Woman costume.

There is no shortage of (fantastic) superhero costumes for little ones, including this excellent Wonder Woman costume. $4 and up — you can buy each of the pieces individually or as sets.

Image of Superman costume.

Another superhero costume choice is this fun Superman option. $6 and up — again, you can mix and match your pieces with this one.

Image of a child in a Batman costume.

Or let your kid become the Batman of their dreams. $31 and up.

Image of a houndstooth cape.

Make your child the most adorable miniature Sherlock Holmes with this houndstooth cape. $23 and up.

Image of the very hungry caterpillar costume.

A sweet rendering of The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a crochet costume. $48.

Image of a child in a Charlie Brown costume.

Womp womp womp womp. Hello, little Charlie Brown! $22.

Queen of Hearts costume

The fanciest Queen of Hearts costume! I would wear this one in a heartbeat. $15 and up, as you can select the pieces you want.

Image of a Hobbit costume.

Babies can celebrate elevenses in this Hobbit costume. $149.