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9 Fascinating And Fun Literary Airbnb Online Experiences

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If we’re comparing tragedies this year, one of the smallest possible ones would be how much I’ve missed traveling in 2020. Yet, traveling and exploring new cities has always been one of the anchoring points in my life. Thankfully, I’ve found a small piece of that with Airbnb online experiences, “traveling” to Japan for a saké tasting experience or to Argentina to learn how to make empanadas.

What I love about these experiences is that they can be done from your own home, with family members and friends across the country. They’re affordable, too. Some of the literary Airbnb online experiences listed here are less than $5/person, none are over $50, and most are in the $20 range. Get your bookish friends, kids, or family members together with some of the best literary Airbnb online experiences.

Learn Something New

From manga to bookmaking, these literary classes celebrate at-home crafts, hosted by leading authors and artists.

1. Practice Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

We readers love beautiful words. Learn how to better decorate your bujos or handwritten holiday cards with Nicole, a professional artist. With basic drills, an overview of technique, and practice sheets to use at home, this class will have you creating gorgeous letters in no time at all.

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2. Learn How to Draw Manga

Love manga? Japan’s Manga University, publishers of How to Draw Manga and Manga Cookbook, are now offering a great intro class for beginning illustrators that explains how to capture manga’s distinctive style in a guided class. From facial expressions to fashion, this is a fun way to learn more about the manga you love while dipping your toe into some creative work.

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3. Propagate Plants With Author Hilton Carter

Carter’s books Wild At Home and Wild Interiors are major houseplant inspiration if you’re growing your own indoor jungle. This popular author and Instagrammer is now hosting his own Airbnb online experience about how to propagate plants from the comfort of your own home. You’ll also learn some of his history with plants, and jump into a Q&A session at the end.

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4. Craft a Pop-Out Book With Bookmaking Artist

Create a small, unique pop-out book with common household items with Kit. Choose from books, maps, musical pages, and more to build your book. This crafty virtual session is perfect for family get-togethers and family. And, at the end, you’ll have a completed piece of art to show off.

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Literary Airbnb Online Experiences for Kids

Need to gift yourself some valuable quiet time over the weekend or simply want to expose your kids to new books and cultures? These literary Airbnb online experiences were made for kids, and they’re a delight.

5. “Once Upon a Time” Korean Folktale Session

Intercultural educator Brian hosts an interactive session about Korean folktales. Each class consists of a reading as well as a discussion about these traditional stories and Korean culture. Kids four and older are invited to attend, along with caregivers!

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6. Story Time Under the Sea

Your kids will love this class for the upcycled crafts lesson as well as the interactive and imaginative story time lesson with Michelle from South Africa. Great for kids 3+, this would be a fun option for a virtual kids’ hangout with a small group or a simple and sweet inexpensive treat.

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7. Story Time With a Children’s Book Author

With this fun, interactive story time session, you’ll not only get an engaging reading of Jesse Byrd’s Sunny Days—you’ll also learn more about the creative side of children’s book publishing. This is a great one for kids, while adults will learn about illustrating a children’s book, the business aspects of publishing, and more.

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Literary Airbnb Online Experiences for Writers

Speaking of learning more about publishing, many literary Airbnb online experiences are set up for writers or other creative folks interested in learning more about their craft. Check these out for your critique group’s next virtual hangouts.

8. Design Your Idea in a Playful Way

Struggling through a creative roadblock or simply outlining your next project? Tyese, a U.S. expat now in Paris, is a fashion designer who also helps creatives get unstuck. With a number of unique exercises that feel more like play, she encourages you to think about the meaning behind your creative work and find ways to move forwards.

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9. Intuitive Writing Workshop from Hollywood Screenwriter

Karen is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter, playwright, and filmmaker. Her online writing workshop helps writers tap into the authentic, intuitive side of their voice and writing, along with a full practice and feedback round.

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Find even more online experiences here. Enjoy your explorations!