When In Romance

When In Romance is a biweekly romance podcast dedicated to romance novel news, enthusiasm, and romance book recommendations from Book Riot!

Episode 86Sexy Clash

Jess and Trisha share feedback from their listener survey and recommend some backlist titles in case you’re having trouble getting your hands on new releases.

Episode 85All the Cool Vibes

Jess and Trisha talk about how their reading habits have changed and ask for listener input before discussing their favorite romances of 2021 so far.

Episode 84Succession But With Cowboys

Jess and Trisha dive into the world of romance between women, discussing the current publishing landscape and recommending some titles you should check out.

Episode 83If Men In Black Was a Romance

Trisha is joined by very special guest Jenn Northington to discuss Beverly Jenkin’s Vivid and to offer some SFF (and P) romance recs.

Episode 82Cover Coverage-ing

After some kitchen appliance romance-related follow-up, Jess and Trisha return to the topic of romance covers and recommend romances for #SpringIntoLoveBingo.

Episode 81Quick to Bed, Slow to Feelings

Jess and Trisha share listener recs, reveal the May WIR Book Club pick, talk about romance awards, and discuss and recommend slow burn romances.

Episode 80You Can Keep It

Jess and Trisha talk about the next round of the WIR book club and discuss and recommend romances featuring married couples.

Episode 79Mind-blowingly Chemical

Jess and Trisha dive into romance films, discussing how the genre is different in books and films and offering a few romance film recommendations.

Episode 78What Are We Disrupting?

Jess and Trisha discuss three news stories related to inclusion, exclusion, and diversity in romance. Then they chat about recent reads.

Episode 77A Beautiful Frankenstein

Jess and Trisha talk about Valentine's week coverage, the way romance represents the experience of being Black in history, and a confession from Trisha.