Riot Headline School District Tells Teachers to Balance Books On Holocaust With “Opposing” Views

When In Romance

When In Romance is a biweekly romance podcast dedicated to romance novel news, enthusiasm, and romance book recommendations from Book Riot!

Episode 61Clear and Not Weird

Jess and Trisha talk about the impact of anti-Black racism in publishing, an RWA awards decision, and books we love by Black authors.

Episode 60“It Comes Down to Weather”: An Interview with Tosca Musk

Jess and Trisha talk with Passionflix founder Tosca Musk about romance adaptations, managing expectations, and what being a “producer” actually means.

Episode 59A Quarter of a Thumb

Jess and Trisha have MANY thoughts about a Danielle Steel adaptation, recommend romances that are set entirely in one location, and more.

Episode 58Shenanigans with Row-mates

Jess and Trisha share their thoughts on the adaptation of Can You Keep a Secret? and offer read-alikes for some of the books they talk about most.

Episode 57Wealthy Know-It-Alls

Jess and Trisha discuss some recent RWA developments, review the adaptation of Beverly Jenkins’s Deadly Sexy, and recommend some favorites by Ms. Bev.

Episode 56“Why are there so many Colonels?”: The Austen Episode

Jess and special guest host Jenn Northington talk All Things Austen, including recent events, romance retellings, and adaptations.

Episode 55Some Of It Is Nice News

Jess and Trisha know that things are super weird and rough right now, but they’ve got book recs for romance fans and a rundown of the new Ripped Bodice diversity report.

Episode 54Not Helping You In Any Way

Jess and Trisha talk about some maybe promising RWA news, romances about people overcoming obstacles, and stories that grab you right from the start.

Episode 53Not Surprising But Still Disappointing

Jess and Trisha discuss the way the RWA debacle keeps getting worse, celebrate the Ripped Bodice Awards, and offer you some short reads for this short month.

Episode 52The Challenge is Hibernation

Jess and Trisha match romances to conversation heart sayings and recommend romances for all of your Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day needs.