When In Romance

When In Romance is a biweekly romance podcast dedicated to romance novel news, enthusiasm, and romance book recommendations from Book Riot!

Episode 71Feathers, Scales, and an Accidental Kidnapping

Jess and Trisha offer recs to readers looking for soapy drama, SFF without the alpha males, funny and quirky narrators, and more.

Episode 70Why Are These Lists?

Jess and Trisha discuss where “best of” lists come from and do a deep dive into meet cutes – and meet not so cutes.

Episode 69A Real Landmark

Jess and Trisha do some quick updates, talk about a complicated decision from Harlequin, and recommend romances with great friendships.

Episode 68The Motion Train

Jess and Trisha talk about the end of Audible Escape, why the "all you can read" model is a challenge in romance, and books with bisexual characters.

Episode 67We Eat Books

Jess and Trisha talk about the impacts of the pandemic on romance publishing and share favorite romances by Latinx authors.

Episode 66A Side of Side Eye

Jess and Trisha discuss the impact Corey Alexander had on romance discourse and recommend romances involving sports.

Episode 65Look for the Trains

Jess and Trisha discuss how we talk about who writes and reads romance, and recommend romance series in which you can completely immerse yourself.

Episode 64Either A Month Or Seven Years

Jess and Trisha talk about things people love about reading romance and then offer some non-romance novel entertainment options that might share similar qualities.

Episode 63Grown-up Humans Communicating

Jess and Trisha talk about Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones and recommend some favorite romances from the year so far – to the extent that they’ve been able to read.

Episode 62This is Chocolate, Not Broccoli

Jess and Trisha discuss takeaways from a Juneteeth Book Fest panel on writing Black romance and the delight for all readers in reading queer romance.