When In Romance

When In Romance is a biweekly romance podcast dedicated to romance novel news, enthusiasm, and romance book recommendations from Book Riot!

Episode 42 Late, But Happy To Be Invited

Jess and Trisha discuss an unprofessional move by a writer in New Zealand; authors who aren’t getting paid by a romance publisher; and the romance authors, series, and subgenres they came to a bit late.

Episode 41 Some Things to Ponder

Jess and Trisha are not surprised that romance sales are up, talk a little about romance book printing and supply decisions, and recommend books in which the geographic setting is integral to the story.

Episode 40 The Date and Time Are Unclear

Jess and Trisha celebrate some important progress at the RITAs, talk through romance authors writing outside their own experience, and what romance series they’d like to see get the fanfic treatment.

Episode 39 The Beginning of a New Destiny

Jess and Trisha are delighted about a new award for excellence in romance fiction, discouraged by some publishing news, and thinking about how tragedy in a romance can impact the “happily” in an HEA.

Episode 38 We Need To Go The Bunker Now

Jess and Trisha are joined by Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for a mid-year check in, and they discuss all things romance in 2019 so far – big news, breakout authors, and books we’ve loved and want everyone to read.

Episode 37 It Probably Won’t Be The Otter

Jess and Trisha do a bit of follow-up, discuss an article about the online abuse romance writers face, mention a few releases for the second half of 2019 that they’re looking forward to, and shout out some underrated romance authors.

Episode 36 Equal Opportunity to All Pronunciations

Jess and Trisha discuss new revelations about discrimination at the school Nicholas Sparks founded; suggest some romance-focused Patreons you might consider supporting; and recommend books featuring characters who are asexual, aromantic, grey-asexual and greyromantic.

Episode 35 Ugh. Emotions.

Jess and Trisha talk through what they want from book cons, respond to a reader request for own voices romance by Asian and Asian-American authors, and recommend some “unputdownable” romances for summer reading.

Episode 34 Not Live from New Orleans

Jess and Trisha are together at Book Lovers Con in New Orleans talking about the good and bad things about using series to tell romance stories and the upcoming books they’ve heard about at the convention that they’re excited about.

Episode 33 Private Plane Problems

Jess and Trisha have updates, talk about how they became romance readers, and recommend some titles for the beginning of #RomBkLove.