Book Riot: The Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what's new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

Episode 432Loyal to the Bit

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the Seuss Enterprise's decision to stop publishing a half-dozen books, continue ruminating on a "is it good?" segment, admire Murakami's evasive accessibility, get into some labor talk, and finally discuss the current state of podcasting.

Episode 431Wiki in Shame

Jeff and Rebecca talk about another format they might want to try for talking about books, whether 2020 means we can finally stop confusing the fate of bookstores with the fate of publishing, catch up with some listener feedback, and much more.

Episode 430Southern Belles with Benefits

Jeff and Rebecca talk about what books actually get read, emotionally manipulative novels, tackle a couple of listener question, and try another guessing game.

Episode 429Pyrrhic Victory

Jeff and Rebecca discuss the winner of the Spring Preview draft, Hachette getting out of the right-wing publishing game, the Obamas adaptation-heavy Netflix slate, and Jeff inadvisedly challenges Rebecca to a new game.

Episode 428Arrogance with Shine

Jeff and Rebecca reflect on the end of Jeff Bezos' tenure as CEO of Amazon, the launch of the Reese Witherspoon Book Club app, and comment on a commendation for LeVar Burton.

Episode 427Buy Stock in Amanda Gorman

Jenn Northington joins Jeff to talk about a new ebook price-fixing lawsuit, the meteoric rise of Amanda Gorman, the high degree of difficulty of adapting The Sparrow, and much more.

Episode 4262021 Spring Preview

Jeff and Rebecca preview the interesting new Spring releases in the form of a draft!

Episode 425A Picnic Basket for the Mind

Jeff and Rebecca talk about Simon & Schuster pulling Josh Hawley's book, Powell's getting heat for carrying a title, discuss how to structure their spring 2020 preview, and much more.

Episode 424There’s a Caboose Coming

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the best-selling books of 2020, Eat a Peach follow-up, how the publishing industry fared last year, and much more.

Episode 423Best of the Rest: Our Favorite Non-Book Things of 2020

Jeff and Rebecca share their favorite things from 2020 that were not books.