SFF Yeah!

SFF Yeah! is a biweekly fantasy and science fiction podcast dedicated to the latest happenings and our favorite recommendations from the worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

Episode 25Immortality, It’s Not Just For Vampires

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Ursula Le Guin's electronica album, immortality in SF/F, and more.

Episode 24Lady Vengeance

Sharifah and Jenn discuss the Lost in Space reboot, Jacqueline Carey's latest book news, Mary Shelley, and lady vengeance.

23.5Bonus: Robin Sloan Recommends

Please enjoy this bonus excerpt, courtesy of the Recommended podcast, featuring Robin Sloan recommending Octavia Butler. 

Episode 23Short Fiction

Sharifah and Jenn discuss the Hugo Award nominees, zombie raccoons, a new Arthurian adaptation, and more.

Episode 22Steampunk!

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Serena Williams, geek extraordinaire; Pottermore lay-offs; the Nightflyers adaptation; steampunk; and more!

Episode 21SFF In Translation

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Discworld and His Dark Materials adaptations, cover kerfuffles, and science fiction and fantasy in translation.

Episode 20Favorite Series

Sharifah and Jenn discuss the Nebula nominations, Black Panther, their favorite series, and more.

Episode 19Very Long, Very Good Books

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Firefly books, Star Wars news, writing retreats, and long books that are worth the read.

Episode 18More Evil Than Crabbe and Goyle

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Ursula K. Le Guin and lots of adaptation news, and recommend weird westerns.

Episode 17Mental Notes Regarding Butterbeer

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Starbucks secret menus, Octavia Butler opera, a new Merlin series, and small press sci-fi and fantasy.