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SFF Yeah!

SFF Yeah! is a biweekly fantasy and science fiction podcast dedicated to the latest happenings and our favorite recommendations from the worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

Episode 55Military SF/F

Jenn and guest María Cristina García Lynch discuss the Nebula Award winners, the new Terminator and Star Trek installments, military sf/f, and more.

Episode 54Kids Books in SF/F

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Avengers, Vans' new Harry Potter Collection, some book announcements, and favorite kidlit from SF/F.

Episode 53Pirates Ahoy!

Sharifah and Liberty discuss Game of Thrones, Western librarians, Peter Mayhew, and pirates in SF/F.

Episode 52Naturey SF/F

Sharifah and Jenn discuss The Kitchies Awards, Nnedi Okorafor's new production company, Saga, nature-filled SF/F, and more.

Episode 51Thieves and Con-Artists

Sharifah and Jenn discuss Cowboy Bebop, an Octavia Butler adaptation, con-artists and thieves, and more.

Episode 50Dune Book Club with Ausma Zehanat Khan

Jenn and special guest Ausma Zehanat Khan dig into Dune by Frank Herbert, including fancasting the upcoming movie adaptation!

Episode 49International SF/F

Sharifah and Jenn discuss the Harry Potter AR game, the return of Bill & Ted, international SF/F, and more.

Episode 48YA SF/F With CB Lee

Jenn and special guest CB Lee discuss The Night Circus and Lord of the Rings adaptations, the Star Wars EU, and YA sci-fi and fantasy!

Episode 47Matriarchal Societies

Sharifah and Jenn discuss (not) surviving in the Game of Thrones world, Nebula Award finalists, questionable LOTR-writing bots, and more.

Episode 46In Spaaaaaaace

Sharifah and Jenn discuss the cover reveal for The Testaments, some new Merlin texts, fantasy and sci-fi set in space, and more.