Kidlit These Days

Kidlit These Days is your kidlit connoisseurs pairing the best of children’s literature with what’s going on in the world today.

Episode 31Anti-Racist Play List, Part One

Nicole and Matthew discuss doing the work of anti-racism, sitting with discomfort, and building children's aptitude toward empathy and social justice  with help from a bookshelf playlist of stories to keep folks talking.

Episode 30Transgender Voices of Color

Nicole and Matthew discuss representation of transgender voices of color, bravery in the face of survival choices, and the strength we already possess.

Episode 29Our World, Reimagined

Nicole and Matthew discuss how this time of safe-at-home is giving readers and bookmakers opportunity to reimagine our world through activism, design, kindness, and mindfulness.

Episode 28Book Festivals Go Virtually, Everywhere

Nicole and Matthew discuss the creative ways books and bookmakers are connecting with readers during stay-at-home regulations.

Episode 27Look for the Helpers, the Essential Workers

Nicole and Matthew discuss food insecurity, how interconnected we are, and the capacity in all of us to be a helper.

Episode 26Kidlit These Days Turns One

Nicole and Matthew look back on a year of the Kidlit These Days podcast and highlight some of their favorite episodes and interviews.

Episode 25Kidlit Combats Coronavirus

Nicole and Matthew discuss the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of racism and social media, how the virus is impacting school kids and families, and how the kidlit community is responding.

Episode 24Loving Our Bodies

Nicole and Matthew discuss the need for more inclusive representation of all kids of bodies in children's literature, accepting how different does not equal wrong, and the idea of normalizing "normal". Joining is special guest Jessica Sanders, author of Love Your Body.

Episode 23Seeing Others Without Fear

Matthew and Nicole discuss combatting xenophobia by adopting a stance of cultural humility and helping shape children’s understanding of a broader world, rich with hundreds of cultures, languages, and people both very similar and very different from their own.

Episode 22Serving Up the 2020 Youth Media Awards

Matthew and Nicole discuss the results of the 2020 Youth Media Awards, highlight some of their favorite books recognized, and how this awards year could impact the future of publishing. Joining is special guest Dr. Emily R. Aguiló-Pérez, who served on the 2018 Pura Belpré Award committee.

Episode 21Dismantling White Privilege

Matthew and Jenn discuss anti-bias education, understanding our own white privilege, and listening to and learning about the challenges that many marginalized communities face.

Episode 20Seeing Homelessness

Karina and Matthew talk about the homelessness epidemic, how homelessness affects children, and the need for greater representation of poverty and homelessness in children's literature. Joining is special guest Alicia D. Williams, author of Genesis Begins Again.

Episode 19Hosting a Mock Book Award

Karina and Matthew talk about the Youth Media Awards, educators doing mock book awards with their students, and we look back on some of our favorite Kidlit These Days episodes of the year. Joining is special guest Colby Sharp, 5th grade teacher, co-host of The Yarn podcast, editor of The Creativity Project, An Awesometastic Story Collection, and the co-author with Donalyn Miller of Game Changer: Book Access for All Kids.

Episode 18Our Gift-Giving with Book Boxes

Karina and Matthew share gift ideas in the form of book boxes packed with choice reads and thoughtful add-ons perfect for the reader or readers in your life.

Episode 17Making Neurodiversity Visible

Karina and Matthew talk about representation of neurodiverse individuals, giving authentic voice in children's literature, and building empathy for all students. Joining is special guest Elana K. Arnold, author of A Boy Called Bat and its sequels.