Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia
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Get Booked

Get Booked is a weekly show of custom book recommendations from the bookworms at Book Riot.

Episode 5Asking for Audiobooks

Welcome to Episode 5! This episode is about a mish-mash of genres, so I brought on a hella knowledgable bookseller who can handsell anything to help me! Hannah Oliver Depp is a bookseller and the Merchandise Display Manager at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, DC. as well as a contributor to Book Riot and LitHub. She teaches classes at Politics & Prose on re-imaginings of archetypal characters, from King Arthur to Sherlock Holmes. Her job allows her to combine her two passions: psychoanalyzing dead white guys and putting diverse stories into their bewildered descendants hands. If you're in the DC area come to the Read Harder book club at Upshur St Books where she and fellow rioters gather once a month to drink wine and talk all things bookish. She can be found everywhere online as @oliverdepp.

Episode 4Haunted by Horror

Welcome to Episode 4! This episode is about all things horror, so I've brought in an amazing horror expert, librarian Becky Spratford. Becky is a Readers' Advisor in Illinois specializing in serving patrons ages 13 and up. She runs the critically acclaimed RA training blog RA for All and it’s evil twin sister RA for All: Horror and is on the Steering Committee of the Adult Reading Round Table. Becky is also known for her work with horror readers as the author of The Reader’s Advisory Guide to Horror, Second Edition [ALA Editions, 2012] and is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association. You can follow Becky on Twitter @RAforAll.

Episode 3Looking For LGBTQ Lit

Welcome to Episode 3! This week's episode is about all things LGBTQ literature (with a few bonus questions from listeners on a time crunch). My guest this week is Danika Ellis. Danika runs the lesbian and bisexual women book blog The Lesbrary as well as its tumblr counterpart Fuck Yeah Lesbian Literature. She is also a booktuber and Book Riot contributor. Her day job is running the kids’ section of Russell Books, the largest used bookstore in Canada. Follow her on Twitter @DanikaEllis.

Episode 2Calling For Comics

Welcome to Episode 2! This episode focuses on recommendation questions about comics and graphic novels (with bonus Books About Books and Books About Asia questions). ERGO, I brought on Ardo Omer, comics expert to the max, to be this week's co-host. Ardo is a contributor at Panels and a senior writer at Women Write About Comics. She started out as a book blogger before expanding into writing about comics and television. When she’s not imagining her home of Toronto as Gotham 2.0, she's obsessing over K-Pop and Jdramas. Follow her on Twitter @ArdoOmer.

Episode 1Hungover From Hanya

Welcome to our first episode! I brought on Jenn Northington to be my guest host for our kickoff event because, to be frank, no one knows books like Jenn knows books. She is our Events Director here at Book Riot, cohost of the Bookrageous podcast, part-time bookseller at Word, and member of five book groups. Find her on Twitter @jennIRL.

Preview EpisodeIntroducing the Get Booked Podcast!

We've got a new podcast coming your way! Get Booked will be a biweekly write-in show for personalized book recommendations, whether they're for you, your great Aunt Sally, or anyone else in your life! Want to know what to read to fill the Harry Potter void? We're here for you. Need a bookish gift for your dad? On it. Want a list of excellent romance novels for your book club? I've got your back. I'll be hosting the show, and each week I'll have a new guest host to help me. Check out this quick preview episode for a taste and subscribe in iTunes here!: