For Real

For Real is a biweekly nonfiction podcast that puts the spotlight on new books and old favorites that tell it like it is, or at least try to.

Episode 52International Women’s Day, Revisited

This week Alice and Kim talk about popular self-help books, admit to sometimes reading fiction, and revisit one of their favorite podcast topics, books to celebrate International Women's Day!

Episode 51Black History Month Reads

This week Alice and Kim talk Black History Month nonfiction reads for your TBR shelf.

Episode 5050 Books for 50 Episodes

This week Alice and Kim highlight 50 awesome nonfiction books to celebrate their 50th episode!

Episode 49Classic Hollywood Scandals

This week Alice and Kim talk classic Hollywood scandals and history, with some nonfiction picks to help you dive into the backstage world of 20th century film.

Episode 48Exciting Nonfiction Coming in 2020

This week Alice and Kim talk about the failure of their 2019 reading resolutions and look ahead to some of the books they’re excited about in 2020.

Episode 472019 Nonfiction Favorites

This week Alice and Kim talk favorite nonfiction reads of 2019, including the women of Disney, a very lonely whale, and how to stop stress in its tracks.

Episode 46Best Nonfiction of the Decade

This week Alice and Kim take a trip down memory lane to talk about books that appeared on best of the decade lists. 

Episode 45Nonfiction Holiday Gift Guide

This week Alice and Kim talk holiday gifts for the nonfiction book lover in your life.

Episode 44A Second New Books Bonanza!

This week Alice and Kim chat about new November releases! Alice makes the Crusades sound interesting, Kim ponders likability and leadership, and both struggle with what to call nonfiction graphic novels.

Episode 43Medical Mysteries

This week Alice and Kim talk plagues, Disney, and what Harry Houdini really thought about spiritualism.