For Real

For Real is a biweekly nonfiction podcast that puts the spotlight on new books and old favorites that tell it like it is, or at least try to.

Episode 95Arab Women Writers

This week Kim and Alice talk about books by Arab women writers, plus new nonfiction about gene patents, colonialism in the 1860s, and medieval manuscripts.

Episode 94Spooky Nonfiction

This week Alice and Kim talk about creepy, spooky, and scary nonfiction for the Halloween season.

Episode 93Hispanic Heritage Month

This week Alice and Kim highlight nonfiction books by Hispanic and Latinx authors.

Episode 92The One With Mary Roach

This week Kim and Alice interview nonfiction powerhouse Mary Roach about renegade animals, tiger penises, and her amazing use of footnotes. Plus, new nonfiction about Chicago, online shopping, and segregation.

Episode 91Library Treasure Hunt

This week Alice and Kim browse the library and find some surprising nonfiction reads.

Episode 90True Stories to Adapt

This week Kim and Alice battle through the "Delta Grumpies" to discuss stories they'd like to see adapted for television and film, plus cover new nonfiction from August.

Episode 89Disney Reads

Kim and Alice talk about the history and background of Disney, from theme parks to animators to forgotten characters.

Episode 88Heists!

This week Kim and Alice chat about why heists are so much fun to read about, Barack Obama's summer nonfiction picks, and more upcoming new books.

Episode 87New Nonfiction: Second Half of 2021

This week, Alice and Kim talk about new nonfiction releases for the rest of 2021.

Episode 86We’re On the Road Again

This week Kim and Alice do some armchair traveling by discussing books about road trips and share new nonfiction about yoga, cults, and cons.