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Episode 86
Our Highly Unscientific Guide To Fanfiction

Sharifah and Jenn discuss the Ignyte and World Fantasy Awards, women in SF history, and give you some starting points to dive into fanfiction.

This episode is sponsored by TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations, Vault Comics and #1 New York Times Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson’s new, original hardcover graphic novel DARK ONE, and Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse.

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“Every Possible Kind of Science Fiction Story”

2020 World Fantasy Award Finalists

Ray Bradbury Readathon

2020 Inaugural Ignyte Awards Nominees

Links & References

Homestead” by katemonkey (Finn/Poe/Rey after events of Rise of Skywalkers)

Authors who have written fanfic

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Archive of Our Own / AO3 (FFN)

The most popular tags on AO3

Fanfic subreddit (resources for readers and writers)

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The Promise and Potential of Fan Fiction, on The New Yorker

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