New Releases and More for September 11, 2018

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This week, Liberty and Rebecca discuss The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock, Rage Becomes Her, Dactyl Hill Squad, and more great books.

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Books discussed on the show:

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock: A Novel by Imogen Hermes Gowar

Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger by Soraya Chemaly

The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth’s Ultimate Trophy by Paige Williams

Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most by Steven Johnson

Dactyl Hill Squad by Daniel José Older

The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing by Merve Emre

No Place To Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs by Lezlie Lowe

Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years by David Litt

What we’re reading:

The Impossible Girl by Lydia Kang

Ordinary People: A Novel by Diana Evans

The Governess Game: Girl Meets Duke by Tessa Dare

More books out this week:

We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time by José Andrés

Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward

Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount

I Do Not Trust You: A Novel by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz

Car Trouble by Robert Rorke

Moderan by David R. Bunch

Dream Country by Shannon Gibney

The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason

Home After Dark: A Novel by David Small

A Spark of White Fire (The Celestial Trilogy) by Sangu Mandanna

Ordinary People: A Novel by Diana Evans

Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World by Marcia Bjornerud

Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Katerina by James Frey

The Dinner List by Rebecca Searle

CoDex 1962: A Trilogy by Sjón (Author), Victoria Cribb (Translator)

Evolution by Eileen Myles

The Real Lolita: The Kidnapping of Sally Horner and the Novel That Scandalized the World by Sarah Weinman

Splitsville by Howard Akler

Rule by Ellen Goodlett

The Biggerers by Amy Lilwall

Hitting the Books (A Library Lover’s Mystery) by Jenn McKinlay

She Would Be King: A Novel by Wayétu Moore

Nomad (The Marc Dane Series) by James Swallow

Crudo by Olivia Laing

Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit (A Kopp Sisters Novel) by Amy Stewart

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy by Carol Anderson

Checkpoint by David Albahari,‎ Ellen Elias-Bursac (Translator)

Sarai and the Meaning of Awesome by Sarai Gonzalez and Monica Brown

The Final Voicemails: Poems by Max Ritvo, Louise Glück (Editor)

The Echo Room by Parker Peevyhouse

Summer Cannibals by Melanie Hobson

Queen Solomon by Tamara Faith Berger

A Fierce Glory: Antietam–The Desperate Battle That Saved Lincoln and Doomed Slavery by Justin Martin

Letters from Max: A Book of Friendship by Sarah Ruhl and Max Ritvo

Burning Down the Haus: Punk Rock, Revolution, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall by Tim Mohr

The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War by Joanne B. Freeman

Naomis Too (Two Naomis) by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and Audrey Vernick

Perdy Volume 1 by Kickliy

Poughkeepsie Shuffle: A Crime Novel by Dietrich Kalteis

State Tectonics (The Centenal Cycle) by Malka Older

Vexy Thing: On Gender and Liberation by Imani Perry

Flocks by L. Nichols

All the Stars Denied by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Elizabeth Seton: American Saint by Catherine O’Donnell