Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

New Releases and More for April 23, 2024

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This week, Liberty and Patricia discuss The Backyard Bird Chronicles, Ocean’s Godori, Knife, and more great books.

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Books Discussed On the Show:

The Backyard Bird Chronicles by Amy Tan

Ocean’s Godori by Elaine U. Cho 

Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder by Salman Rushdie

Punk Rock Karaoke by Bianca Xunise 

Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays the Rent by Judi Dench and Brendan O’Hea

Bad Habit by Alana S. Portero, translated by Mara Faye Lethem

A Letter to the Luminous Deep by Sylvie Cathrall

Sweetness in the Skin by Ishi Robinson 

Paperback Releases:

Ascension by Nicholas Binge 

The Weight by Jeff Boyd 

Mott Street: A Chinese American Family’s Story of Exclusion and Homecoming by Ava Chin 

Shirley Chisholm: Champion of Black Feminist Power Politics by Anastasia C. Curwood 

The Skin and Its Girl by Sarah Cypher 

Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma by Claire Dederer  

Juno Loves Legs by Karl Geary 

The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece by Tom Hanks  

The Ugly History of Beautiful Things: Essays on Desire and Consumption by Katy Kelleher 

Fieldwork: A Forager’s Memoir by Iliana Regan 

The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor 

Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies: How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature by Elizabeth Winkler 

What We’re Reading:

There’s Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension by Hanif Abdurraqib 

Disability Intimacy: Essays on Love, Care, and Desire edited by Alice Wong 

The Bridge by Iain Banks

Voyage of the Damned by Frances White

More Books Out This Week:

Blood Justice (Blood Debts Book 2) by Terry J. Benton-Walker

Fall of the Iron Gods (The Mechanists) by Olivia Chadha

A Body Made of Glass: A Cultural History of Hypochondria by Caroline Crampton

Out of Office by A.H. Cunningham

Prairie, Dresses, Art, Other by Danielle Dutton

Undiplomatic: How My Attitude Created the Best Kind of Trouble by Deesha Dyer

Water on Fire: A Memoir of War by Tarek El-Ariss

Wild Dreamers by Margarita Engle

The Last Word by Elly Griffiths

Better by Far by Hazel Hayes

Funny Story by Emily Henry 

Darling Girls by Sally Hepworth 

First Light (Night’s Edge, #2) by Liz Kerin

The Door Is Open: Stories of Celebration and Community by 11 Desi Voices edited by Hena Khan

Days of Wonder by Caroline Leavitt 

Kill Her Twice by Stacey Lee

Song of the Six Realms by Judy I. Lin

Tree. Table. Book by Lois Lowry

A Game of Lies by Clare Mackintosh

The Dragon Rider (Dragon Rider #1) by Taran Matharu

Safe and Sound by Laura McHugh 

The Good Ones Are Taken by Taj McCoy

Off With Their Heads by Zoe Hana Mikuta

Magnolia Wu Unfolds It All by Chanel Miller

Dark Parts of the Universe by Samuel Miller

The Rulebreaker: The Life and Times of Barbara Walters by Susan Page 

I Just Keep Talking: A Life in Essays by Nell Irvin Painter

The Redemption of Morgan Bright by Chris Panatier

Extinction by Douglas Preston

The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl

Lucky by Jane Smiley

The Merciless King of Moore High by Lily Sparks

The Stranger I Wed (The Doves of New York, #1) by Harper St. George

Double Exposure: Resurveying the West with Timothy O’Sullivan, America’s Most Mysterious War Photographer by Robert Sullivan

Reboot by Justin Taylor

Our Kindred Creatures: How Americans Came to Feel the Way They Do About Animals by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy