Our Most Anticipated SF/F of 2024, Part One

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Jenn and guest Danika talk about a Tolkien lawsuit, the passing of Richard Bowes, the Zelda movie, their most anticipated books from the first half of 2024, and more.

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Like anyone is going to win a lawsuit against the Tolkien Estate [Variety]

Live action Legend of Zelda movie in the works [Wired]

RIP Richard Bowes [Tor.com]

Be a voting citizen reader! 38th Annual Asimov Awards and WSFA Small Press Award [File 770]

Books Discussed

Moon of the Turning Leaves by Waubgeshig Rice [Most Anticipated Books of 2024]

The Book Censor’s Library by Bothayna Al-Essa, translated by Rayna Abdelrahman and Sawad Hussain

Ocean’s Godori by Elaine U. Cho

Archangels of Funk by Andrea Hairston

Dancers of the Dawn by Zulekhá A. Afzal

An Education in Malice by S. T. Gibson

Thirst by Marina Yuszczuk, translated by Heather Cleary

The Fox Maidens by Robin Ha

First Test Graphic Novel by Tamora Pierce, illustrated by Becca Farrow

Infinity Kings (Infinity Cycle #3) by Adam Silvera

Womb City by Tlotlo Tsamaase