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Sharifah and Jenn discuss some awards season news and Star Wars Celebration updates, honor Rachel Pollac, and recommend some more recent-ish books they’ve loved.

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Chosen Spirits and The City Inside by Samit Basu are the same book!

Vulture did a dive into D&D adaptations

New Star Wars movie following Rey (plus more Star Wars Celebration) [Variety, io9]

RIP, Rachel Pollack [The Guardian]

The Angry Black Girl And Her Monster trailer [The AV Club]

Ursula K. LeGuin Prize open to nominations

Philip K Dick Award Winner [Locus]

BSFA Award Winners [Locus]

Books Discussed

Into the Riverlands by Nghi Vo

Station Eternity by Mur Lafferty (cw: mild body horror, mention of child abuse, violent bullying)

The Spite House by Johnny Compton (cw: child death, racism)

Leech by Hiron Ennes (cw: sexual assault, miscarriage, body horror)