Riot Headline Who Can Get Your Book Grades Accessibility in the Age of Exclusives, Restrictive Licensing

Episode 350
Libraries Versus Doughnuts

Jeff and Rebecca talk about trends in 2019’s bestsellers, Macmillan being banned from an industry conference, the American Dirt apology from Flatiron, and much more.

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Diamond City by Francisca Flores
Spring Rain by Andy Warner
The Handsell

Links discussed in this episode:

Follow-up: Reagan Arthur to head Knopf

Weird update: Digital Book World bans Macmillan employees over ebook lending

And Macmillan CEO got into hot water at ALA

Interesting breakdown of the 2019 bestsellers

The Witcher getting a 500k-copy reprint thanks to Netflix popularity

Hunger Games prequel focuses on Coriolanus Snow

More Americans visited the library than the movie theater in 2019

And drag queens will protest a bill that could jail librarians hosting Drag Queen Story Hours

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