Riot Headline Who Can Get Your Book Grades Accessibility in the Age of Exclusives, Restrictive Licensing

Episode 240
A Hierarchy of Delight: Our 2017 Year in Review

This week, Jeff and Rebecca look back at the notable bookish stories of the year.


This episode is sponsored by:

Reckless: The Petrified Flesh by Cornelia Funke


Podkin One-Ear by Kiernan Larwood


Links discussed in this episode:

JRR Tolkien’s son resigns as director of estate

Indigo plans to enter US market

New Barnes & Noble concept store w/ restaurant opens in Plano, TX

Audible lets romance readers skip to the good parts

Most deserved million-dollar book deal: Colin Kaepernick

When the chickens come home to roost: UNH gets raked for spending librarian’s donation on stadium sign

The story that just won’t die about the YA book that bought its way onto the NYT list

Turkey of the Year, redux: NYT’s debut romance coverage New York times awkwardly covers romance for the first time

Terry Pratchett’s unfinished works destroyed by steamroller, per his wishes

Readers’ Rights story that didn’t actually become a thing: TSA canceling pilot of procedures requiring passengers to remove books from carry-on for screening

Most surprising team-up: Bill Clinton working on novel w/ Jimmy P

Lorin Stein resigning from Paris Review for sexual misconduct

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