Excited by the Shenanigans

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Jess and Trisha talk about 2023 books they still want to get to and the books they’re most excited about coming out in 2024.

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Book club is coming back in our next episode! Read The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Deya Muniz along with us! Send us your thoughts by January 18 for our January 22 episode.

Books Discussed

The Wildest Ride by Marcella Bell

Change of Plans by Dylan Newton

Forever Your Rogue by Erin Langston

Outfield Assist by Cat Giraldo

Ruined by Sarah Vaughn, illustrated by Sarah Winifred Searle and Niki Smith

Technically Yours by Denise Williams

Fly With Me by Andie Burke

Something Wild & Wonderful by Anita Kelly

A Little Kissing Between Friends by Chencia C. Higgins

Night for Day by Roselle Lim

Birding With Benefits by Sarah T. Dubb

The Spy and I by Tiana Smith

The Truth According to Ember by Danica Nava

Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend by Emma R. Alban

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