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Finding Time to Read

Good news for fans of the Dear Book Nerd advice column we started back in October: it’s now a podcast!

In this, the pilot episode, Rebecca Schinsky and I discuss (and attempt to answer) two reader-submitted questions:

Dear Book Nerd:

I’m 33. I averaged 36 books a year for the last 5 years. All four of my grandparents died before they hit 75. Let’s be optimistic and say I make it to 80. That means I only have time for 1700 more books. And Ms/Mrs/Miss/Dr Book Nerd, NEW ONES COME OUT ALL THE FREAKING TIME. How do I prioritize?!?!?! How can I read all the books?!?!?? HELP!!!!!!

– Kyle

Dear Book Nerd,

Any advice for a book lover with a very busy full time job? Right now I often forgo sleep to read books I love. Not sure that’s the healthiest habit. Should I just accept that I can’t read as much as I’d like?


Melisa the Struggling Bookworm


If you’d like to submit questions of your own, please use the submission form at the bottom of this post. And you can subscribe to the podcast via RSS here or via iTunes here.

Links Referenced:

“Stolen Reading” by Rita Meade

Reading Challenges for 2014” by Tasha Brandstatter

Pages Ain’t Nothing But a Number (or, Let’s All Stop Judging People by How Much They Read)” by Jill Guiccini


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