Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Hey, book nerds! Welcome back. I am joined this week by the philosophical and hilarious Ari Scott , who is a writer for the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and AMC Story Notes. Ari and I give advice about to three listeners who are struggling with whether or not it’s a good idea to be honest with people when it comes to book recommendations. We cover red-hot topics such as: can I lie to my friend about having time to read this book she recommended? Should I tell my friend I think this series sucks? And, speaking of series, is it okay to hate Game of Thrones?

Don’t miss it! And thanks for joining me, Ari!

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Dear Book Nerd,

What is the best way to gracefully decline book recommendations? I am frequently given books that I have zero interest in reading by people who seem to think I want to read *anything,* since I read a lot. Generally these are book recommendations given to me by the type of person that reads one book a year, “here, I read this book, I thought it was great because I don’t have much comparison. You’d love it, since you LOVE reading. It has words, you seem to like words, so read this book!” But I don’t want to read that book. I’m not against trying new things, but these books really aren’t my bag. I do love reading, and I spend a fair amount of time reading through reviews before deciding to commit my time to reading a particular book, and I really dislike books being dropped on me by people when I already have a 400 to-be-read-doompile. How can I gracefully bow out of reading a book that someone expects me to read?


Dear Book Nerd,

A friend of mine recently got me a book for my birthday and was REALLY excited for me to read it. I started it and wasn’t crazy about it, but it’s part of a series and she’s already ready to give me book #2. Should I continue with this mania or risk hurting her feelings by saying “no thanks”?

Baffled Bookworm BFF

Dear Book Nerd,

Don’t hate me, but I absolutely hated the first book in the “Game of Thrones” series. I’m a huge nerd with everything on my Nerd Resume from Video Gamer to Whovian to Dungeons&Dragons-er and beyond, but the unending exposition of Game of Thrones defeated me. How do I tell people that I hated the book and nothing short of a lump cash sum or a gun to my head is going to induce me to read more? At this point the best I’ve managed is a kind of hemming & hawing about “so many other books to read.” Help?



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