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Welcome to the Dear Book Nerd podcast, a bi-weekly show that answers your questions about life, love, and literature! Today’s special guest co-host is the lovely and talented Delilah S. Dawson. Delilah and I discuss topics such as whether or not you can know if a book is good before you read it, what to buy a book lover who just got engaged, and how to get over a book that really affected you. Happy holidays and enjoy the show!


Delilah is an author. Her books include Wake of Vultures, Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon, HIT, Servants of the Storm, the Blud series, and also comics! You can find her on Twitter @DelilahSDawson. Thanks for joining me, Delilah!



Dear Book Nerd,

Like many other people, my schedule is busy. As a full-time student working two jobs and supporting a family, I cherish any opportunity to relax and read for pleasure! However, because these opportunities are fewer and further between, getting my hands on a good, if not great, book is far more important than it used to be.

To ensure this outcome, we all start with reviews – checking the average ratings and scanning the briefest comments on Amazon or Goodreads. Unfortunately, the more I rely on these measurements, the more I find that they aren’t always helpful; I’ve loved my shared of 2.5-star books, and hated some of the most recommended pieces. When much of the experience seems to depend on personal preference and unique interests, community book reviews can be seriously misleading.

So, my question is this: how do you verify the quality of a book before cracking the cover? Other than surveying the crowd, in what ways do you determine whether or not a book is for you?


Sir Short O’Time

Dear Book Nerd:

I absolutely love the show, I look forward to each new episode! Your advice is always spot-on and I hope to glean some of your wisdom for my present dilemma. My best book nerdy friend just got engaged (yay!!!) and I’m already thinking about what book to get her as an engagement present. We both love reading a large variety of books – classics, literary fiction, chick lit, romance, fantasy, non-fiction, mystery…you name it, we devour it! I was hoping to pick your brain to see if you had any suggestions for such a monumental moment in her life! Any advice or suggestions would be welcome!
Thank you!! 🙂


Dearest Book Nerd,

After finishing a satisfying book I always have a million feelings. I never want to “move on” to a new book. How do you handle a hardcore book hangover?




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