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Finding a Bookish Balance

Welcome to the Dear Book Nerd podcast, a bi-weekly show that answers your questions about life, love, and literature! My special guest co-host this week is the wonderful Brandy Colbert. Brandy and I answer three listener-submitted questions and discuss topics such as: how to you find a balance between a social life and your reading life? How do I make my family understand that I need reading time? Do I need a college degree to get a bookish job? There’s much more…don’t miss it !

Brandy is the author of the YA novel POINTE. You can find her on Twitter @brandycolbert. Thank you, Brandy!


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Dear Book Nerd,

I have a problem with putting down books. I have no self control. Whether it’s trashy, juvenile, poorly written, or just plain BAD, I have to read it to the end. If it’s really bad, I can skim and flip. But generally I just HAVE TO FINISH THE DARN THING. I’m in my senior year of high school. I don’t have time to read a book in one setting! I have homework! Do you have any self control tips?

And now to my second reading-related problem. My mother dear is laboring under the misapprehension that I spend most of my time with my head the the proverbial clouds. She talks about this thing called “reality.” How do I make her understand that fiction (and books in general) are pretty much the best thing ever, but that I actually am aware of my surroundings? Usually. Heck, I like outdoor walks as much any other person–and I haven’t read a book whilst going on said walk in a very long time. I tend to trip.

Anyways, thanks. For reading this. Or even if you don’t.

Catherine M.

Dear Book Nerd,

I’m 19 and for the past 12 years I have had one goal in mind, become a professional ballet dancer. I’ve had moderate success. I have never done anything else. It’s been a great adventure. I’m thankful everyday that my parents have supported and helped me work toward my crazy goals.

But lately I’ve been down. I still love ballet, but all around me I’m hearing horror stories about what goes on in companies. I’m beginning to see it first hand. I know no work place is perfect, but ballet has a very weird dynamic, and lately I have been wondering about what it would be like to do something else, possibly something where my butt is not in a sheer skirt.

Right now I’m in my only comfort zone (besides books). I go in everyday and do the a variation on the same thing I’ve done for the past decade. I don’t know how long I will be dancing for, or if I’ll want to quit sooner rather than later. That scares me, not because I’ll miss dancing (I can always take a open class) but because I have no other skills!

I have thought about going to college. But if school is a tree, I am a fish. We don’t mix. I don’t want to waste my money on something I will fail or not finish. Maybe one day I’ll step out on that limb, but what can I work toward that doesn’t need a college degree?

How can I expand my small world? Are there any bookish jobs that don’t involve years of school? I don’t want to continue with ballet as a pro if it’s just because I’m scared and it’s all I know. I want to have more concrete ideas for other options so I don’t feel so trapped. If I do ballet it should be because it’s my favorite option, not because it’s the only one I can see.

Thank you,

Dancing Book Nerd

P.S. – love the show!

Dear Book Nerd,

Help!!! My family is insistent that I interact with others instead of sitting outside and reading. I have already humored their request that I spend more time outside by going outside to read, but I feel that if I heed too many of their requests, I will become a bookless soul-less automaton. How do I politely let them know that I am disinclined to acquiesce any future demands for social interaction that cut into book time? Please let me know.




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