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Welcome to Episode 2 of the Dear Book Nerd podcast! My guest host this week is once again the great Rebecca Schinsky. In this show, we answer two reader-submitted questions and discuss topics such as what makes a book a bestseller, how to choose what to read, and how to get back into the reading groove. This episode is sponsored by

Here are this week’s questions!

Dear Book Nerd:

I find it interesting that some books make it to the top of the bestseller list that in my opinion should never be considered great works read by everyone. I know this is partly due to the change in desire for reading material and the reading level of society in general. However, I wonder sometimes if they make it to the top of the lists because a few people have decided what we should all read or if they are actually great books that everyone should enjoy. Even I have purchased and read books that I absolutely hated because “everyone is talking about it.” This then contributes to the bestselling status of the book, even though it’s not something I would ever recommend anyone read. How do you sift through the bestseller lists to find the gems vs the books that have made it because of good marketing and buzz?

– Librarian Goddess

Dear Book Nerd:

I’ve always loved reading, but in the past five years, the passion is gone. I don’t have the urge to start reading, and when I do, oftentimes the book is just something to slog through. I’m burnt-out on recommendations from agents or editors who exclaim something is a book they utterly loved, only to read it and find nothing exciting. Recommendations from friends so often leave me cold. Sometimes a book still hits the sweet spot, and I’ll plow through it in twenty-four hours, but most often it’s a chore to finish and then I don’t want to start the next. I miss the years of reading four or five books a week. What can I do to rekindle my love of reading?

– Jane


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