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Check ‘Em Out: Find The Perfect Library Tote Bags To Haul Your Goods

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If you, like me, are a power user of your local library, chances are you’re in need of some good library tote bags to help you carry away your weekly haul. You can use any ol’ tote, of course, but why settle when you can get meta and have your library tote bag BE a library tote bag?

Find below an assortment of rad library tote bags, perfect for organizing your new loot and your returns.

Library Tote Bags To Check Out

No library paraphernalia can lack a due date card, even if those went out of style a long time ago. This due date tote is super cute. $22.

No one will try to take your books with this personalized library tote bag. $13.

This is the nerdiest tote and absolutely perfect for fans of bees and puns. $11.

Children’s books line this library tote bag that can be personalized. $15 and up.

As someone who wouldn’t be able to return books on time if her life depended on it, this tote bag speaks to me. $22.

Perhaps a tote bag to denote which books need to be returned to the library would be helpful. $16.

Here’s another option for a personalized library tote. $12.

The cute lil owl wants you to support your local library. $16 and up.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Indeed, Cicero. $18.

I’m obsessed with the tag line “in lit we trust.” $15.

Especially for the librarians (and Parks and Rec fans!) out there. $16.

I know I always find magic at my library. $22.

Madly in love with this magical tote bag, extolling the virtues of going to the library. $31 and up with personalization options.

You know you’ve done these things. $24.

Just try not to stain your library book pages with tears. $17.

Tell everyone what you’re carrying. $20.

Essential librarian tote bag. $25.

Not enough totes for you to choose from here? No worries! Find some great bookish tote bags here OR find your perfect big book bags here for when your haul of books is enormous.