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10 Awesome Librarian Shirts

Librarians are amazing. I might be tooting my own horn a little bit, but still—I’m not wrong. So many librarians are basically superheroes. They wear a lot of hats and provide many great services. They are gateways to information, which is so important, especially now. And they are their own amazing brand of nerd. Not all librarians are the same, but there is a shirt out there for everyone. Check out these ten rad librarian shirts!

The Librarian Party: Make American Read Again. For the librarian who likes to get political.

the librarian party: make America read again librarian shirt

Talk Dewey to Me. For the librarian who loves a good pun.

talk dewey to me librarian shirt

Books Are Friends Not Coasters. For the librarian sick of pulling out the disinfectant wipes.

books are friends not coasters librarian shirt

Librarian? I Prefer Literary Rockstar. For the librarian who knows their worth. 😉

Librarian? I prefer literary rockstar librarian shirt

I Just Want You to Read a Book. Because this is just too real.

I just want you to read a book librarian shirt

The Library. For the dreamer.

The library Disney style librarian shirt

Librarians are the Ultimate Alternative Facts Fighters. For the activist librarian.

Ultimate alternate fact fighters librarian shirt

Love Your Librarian. For all the awesome librarians.

Love your librarian shirt

I Still Believe in 398.2. For the ones with a little whimsy.

I still believe in 398.2 librarian shirt

Librarians: The Original Search Engine. Because this is not wrong.

The original search engine librarian shirt

This Is How We Roll. Because librarians are cool.

This is how we roll librarian shirt

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