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Librarian Shirts and Sweatshirts

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Whether you’re a library worker or a fan of libraries, chances are your wardrobe can always use a new librarian shirt or sweatshirt to wear your pride and nerdiness. Find below a collection of rad library and librarian shirts and sweatshirts.

Sweet Librarian Shirts and Librarian Sweatshirts

Choose from a number of colors for this vintage librarian tee. $25 and up.

The perfect tee for so many librarians: We grow readers in the library. $25 and up, with color options.

Because the library is your home and helps you find your way again. $33.

Whether you work in one or just love ’em, don this shirt if the library is your happy place. $25 and up.

Roll on, book cart fanatics. $24 and up.

Some pretty great #SquadGoals here. $16 and up.

For librarians who love Star Wars. $21 and up.

This roundup has a ton of shirts with this outstanding message to support your local library. $19 and up.

Who doesn’t love a great due date shirt? $25 and up.

No matter the font, it says the same thing. This is your ultimate librarian shirt. $25.

Don’t worry, archivists. Here’s an excellent archivist shirt for you. $25.

Perfect for the school librarians out there. $20.

Pop on this support your local library hoodie in a variety of colors. $29 and up.

Short and sweet. $25 and up.

If ever there were a shirt for the Now Times, it’s this one: librarians can do virtually anything. $25.

Black librarians matter, full stop. $15 and up.

Wear your library fandom. $22.

Indeed: get lit at the library. $28.

That #LibrarianLife. $20.

And what’s great about romantic strolls through the library is they can be solo or with anyone who is important to you. $22.

Best. Librarian. Ever. This sweatshirt looks cozy AF. $31.

How much do I love this librariansaurus shirt? SO much — and you can choose whether you need a t-rex or triceratops. $25.

Not enough librarian goods for you? You’ll love this roundup of the best gifts for librarians and library lovers.

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