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Let your non-compliant flag fly, Bitch-Planet aficionados.

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I just read Bitch Planet for the first time.

I’d heard great things about it, but I just hadn’t picked it up before. Then Donald Trump became President of the United States and down is up and up is down and I don’t know what what’s going to happen, but I have strong opinions about who I want to be in the face of this new reality. And thanks to Bitch Planet (by Valentine de Landro and Kelly Sue DeConnick), I now know what to call that feeling.

I don’t know about all y’all, but I’m feeling pretty fucking non-compliant these days.

Many badass NCs have chosen to get non-compliant tattoos (including several Book Rioters).

I’m not positive I’m ready for that, but I’m on this train and I went looking for some ways that I can show my NC pride.

Bitch Planet noncompliant "NC" leggings from Bombsheller.
These non-compliant leggings from Bombsheller are amazing.

Available in bold black and white or floral. (I want the floral.) They come in a truly bitchin’ array of sizes, too.

Bitch Planet NC 3d printed belt buckle.
This is a 3D printed non-compliant belt buckle. It’s not for sale: but the specs are public and freely available so that you can make your own.

And if you want options, here’s another freely available 3D printable non-compliant belt buckle.

Bitch Planet - Non-Compliant NC nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics
How about some non-compliant nail wraps? These officially-licensed babies from Espionage Cosmetics come in neon pink and back and they glow in the dark.


An amazing NC 'noncomplient' wrist cuff pattern for fans of Bitch Planet.
Or this incredibly cool knitted wrist cuff? You’ll have to make it yourself, but don’t worry – there are instructions!

Here’s a non-compliant cross stitch pattern if you’d rather go off-script: it’s just the NC, for you to do with as you wish.

Bitch Planet non-complient workout tank from Frogmouth.
In case you’re looking for the world’s most badass clothes to wear while exercising to stay strong for Megaton, Frogmouth Clothing has a line of Bitch Planet workout tops.

Bitch Planet NC cross stitch - Woman enough to survive.
Or how about this tiny, bold cross-stitch in a tiny frame?

It’s emblazoned with the NC and a strong, declarative version of the unforgettable Bitch Planet quote: “Are you woman enough to survive?

Bitch Planet cross stitch - 'For some people you'll never be enough. Fuck 'em.'
This cross-stitch doesn’t say “non-compliant” – rather, it’s embroidered with a message from the back of Bitch Planet #4.

There’s no situation in which this phrase isn’t excellent advice.

The most important takeaway from all of this incredible – largely homemade – Bitch Planet swag is this: if you’re an NC, you’re not alone.