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Show Your Pride With These Lesbian Pulp Decorations and Accessories!

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I have a fascination with lesbian pulp fiction covers. Sure, they are overtly homophobic, but that 1950s homophobia is so over the top that it becomes laughable. Besides, these pulp paperbacks were incredibly important to queer women in the 1950s and ’60s, and some were even writing them! I’ve written about my conflicting thoughts on this topic before, from how Pulp Novels Were the Clickbait of the ’50s to the possibility of reclaiming toxic representations of queer women in books like Carmilla and lesbian pulps. Before you scroll, keep in mind that these covers include homophobia, including slurs. These also all feature white characters and authors — there were only a handful of queer pulps published that were by or about people of color.

Today, though, I’m not here to defend my undying love for these tacky and offensive works of art. I’m here to celebrate them! If you, like me, want to prominently display Satan Was a Lesbian in your home (I have a canvas print of it hanging in my living room), or cover your fridge in pulp magnets, or even incorporate them into your fashion choices, read on!

Lesbian Pulp Decorations

Enjoy a mug of coffee or tea while gazing at these steamy covers! This mug features three titles: Girls Without Men, The Path Between, and The Third Lust. $23

Make your fridge a little more gay with magnets! $23 for the set of 4.

Fun fact: Forbidden Love is a movie, not a book! It’s a documentary of lesbians in Canada in the 1950s. Part of the movie is interviews and part of it is a story told in the style of a lesbian pulp. I highly recommend watching it!

There are lots of options for lesbian pulp cover prints, but this one really adds a touch of classiness. $25

Turn on a cheesy lesbian romcom and curl up under this Lesbian Queen blanket! There is, of course, also a Satan Was a Lesbian option. $50

For a bit more of a subtle take on the lesbian pulp blanket, get this Gay St. design based on a Beebo Brinker cover. $48

For a cover that really doesn’t seem to match the tone of the title, grab this The Demon Dyke sticker. $4

Lesbian Pulp Accessories

This is far from the last time you’ll see the classic Satan was a Lesbian cover on this list! I also feel like this T-shirt model choice is…not accidental.

What better workout outfit could you possibly have than this Lesbian Gym shirt? (Sure, there are other lesbian pulp T-shirts in this style, but the flannel layering here really makes it.) $25

Baffle your fellow shoppers at the grocery story with this Satan Was a Lesbian mask. $32

Showing up to Pride wearing a Lesbian Queen patch would be a real power move. $7

Iron this lesbian pulp patch onto your favorite denim jacket! $7

Or keep it simple and to the point with this I Prefer Girls pin. $2

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