Can You Guess the Fantasy Book By Its Lego-Style Cover?

Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

Danika spends most of her time talking about queer women books at the Lesbrary. Blog: The Lesbrary Twitter: @DanikaEllis

Last week, I put together a quiz about identifying sci-fi books based on pixelated versions of their covers. That was entertaining for me to do, and it looks like a lot of people liked taking the quiz, so I decided to do the same thing for famous fantasy books. But this time, to shake things up, I used a Lego Effect Photo Editor to alter the covers.

As with the previous post, I tried to pick covers that are recognizable, though some of these have multiple well-known covers. The books below are a mix of all-time classics of the genre and new releases, adult titles as well as YA and even middle grade. If you’re a hardcore fantasy fan, you’ve definitely heard of all of these, though, even if you haven’t read them all.

I used a few different Book Riot posts for inspiration, including the Most Influential Fantasy Books, the Top Fantasy Books on Goodreads, and the Best Fantasy Book Series of All Time. If you want to brush up on your fantasy knowledge after testing your skills, those are great lists to start with.

Below each of these images are links to the unaltered covers so you can check your answers. There are 15 covers to guess, so let’s see how well you know the genre!

And that’s all of them! How did you do? Don’t forget to also try guessing the sci-fi book from its pixelated cover, and you can also see if you can recognize these classic books based on their color palettes!