Lego Librarian Reinterpreted as Hipster Librarian, Warrior Librarian, and More

Lego has introduced a Lego Librarian in the 10th installment of its new minifigures series (which also includes a sad clown, Medusa, a paintball player, and a bumblebee girl):



The figure plays into some well-worn librarian stereotypes, and librarian Joe Hardenbrook, a.k.a. @mrlibrarydude, has had some fun reinterpreting Lego Librarian based on other ways librarians are perceived by their peers and the public. Here are a few of our favorites:


Alternalibrarian – “I love my pink hair. Wanna see my lit-themed tattoos?”




“This is how I see me: a warrior librarian! Protecting the 1st amendment, fighting against library budget cuts. THAT’s what I do!”




“Ugh. This is how society wants to see me – the naughty librarian with a whip. So passe.”




“I desperately want to be a hipster librarian with my pencil mustache and bowtie!”




“I quote ‘Buffy’ and none of the students get it! Can you believe it?”




“I singlehandedly manage the library’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all our other damn marketing projects.”




“Why do all the homeless guys hit on me?”


To see more of Joe’s reinterpretations of Lego Librarian, swing by his blog at Mr. Library Dude. What would you add to the mix?


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