45 Leather Bookmarks for True Bookworms

Some people like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Some people are fans of petrichor, the smell of rain after a long dry spell. And then there are those of us who crave the rich earthy scent of leather-bound books in a small second-hand bookstore, filled with the mixture of nostalgia and escapism.

Sadly, this happy place is becoming harder to find. It was only last week an old favourite of mine closed its doors forever. As a final farewell, they gifted each of their long-term patrons with a single leather bookmark. A small sweet gesture, a reminder of their happy place. I missed the opportunity (I now live interstate) but I understood the sentiment. The touch and the light-smell of a leather bookmark are enough to trigger the memory.

You know exactly the sensation I’m talking about. Fortunately for us both, so do many others. In fact, I found many leather bookmarks on offer. For the sake of our sentimental souls, here my favourites from Etsy (because the best sentimental bookmarks are always handmade).

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Anniversary Gifts: 3rd Anniversary is Leather

Traditionally speaking, the third anniversary of a married couple is associated with leather – a sign of the couple realising the durability of their relationship. What sweeter way could you celebrate any 3rd anniversary than with a leather bookmark to mark the place?

1. I love this one, saying: “We’re only three chapters in, but I love where this story is going”, $18 from Love That Leather.

leather bookmarks 3rd anniversary

2. Honesty compels me to tell you about this slightly more appropriate bookmark. At least for my marriage, $17 from Love That Leather.

leather bookmark 3rd anniversary

Most crafters on Etsy will personalise your bookmark in whatever way you desire; names, dates, symbols. The quotes above are sweet for the moment but if you are looking for something more personal for you, read on. We have plenty more to share:

Leather Bookmarks for travel journals

3. Glider Bookmark, $21.47 from Tina’s Leather Crafts

leather bookmark glider

4. Vintage Fort Lauderdale, Florida, $12 from Vintage Honey Bunny

leather bookmark travel

5. Hand-painted Race Point Lighthouse (Provincetown, Massachusetts), $38 from Pohakanten Journals

leather bookmark travel

6. African hand-painted leather bookmark with three giraffes at sunset, $10 from Nyumbani Afro Art

leather bookmark Africa

7. Customise the perfect travel bookmark with your own personal latitude and longtitude coordinates, for $10 from Lodgepole Leather

leather bookmarks coordinates custom


Leather Bookmarks with artistic flair

8. Custom Leather Bookmark with Wild Flower design, $16.50 from Belles Hearts and Crafts

leather bookmark wild flowers

9. Art Nouveau leather bookmark of Woman with Tree Blossoms, $7 from Raven King Crafts

leather bookmark art nouveau

10. With real pressed flowers, $11 from White Flowers Design

leather bookmark real flowers

11. Pre-Raphaelite woman carved and painted, $29.83 from Margaery Cuir

leather bookmark preraphaelite woman

12. Leather bookmark with painted flowers, $22 from By Adeline

leather bookmark painted flowers

13. Geometric Whale Design, $22 also from By Adeline

leather bookmark whale

The Best literary quotes on leather

14. Never Judge A Book By Its Movie, $11.49 from Sweet Pea by Jess

leather bookmarks quotes

15. A Cup of Tea Large Enough… (C.S. Lewis), $30 from Mesa Dreams

leather bookmark quote CS Lewis

16. Winnie-the-Pooh wants to do it all over again, $26 from Anise Leather

leather bookmark Winnie the pooh

17. Wise words from Josh Jameson, $15 from Etchey

leather book quotes

Recycling books into bookmarks

Sometimes even the most loved books cannot be saved; they find their “second-hand love” in other ways. The Gilded Lion Books offers many leather bookmarks on Etsy, created from a variety of damaged books.

18. The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, $22 from The Gilded Lion Books

leather bookmark from books

19. Junior Classics: 8 Stories from History, as a leather bookmark for $20 from The Gilded Lion Books

leather bookmark from 2nd hand book

20. Allegiant by Veronica Roth, as a leather bookmark for $20 from the Gilded Lion Books

leather bookmark 2nd hand book

21. Spider-Man: The Venom Factor by Diane Duane, as a leather bookmark for $20 from the Gilded Lion Books

leather bookmark 2nd hand book

For Science/Book Geeks

22. Coffee Molecule, $11.13 from Chesire Dreams

leather bookmark coffee

23. Constellation of Polaris and Ursa Minor (Northern Star and Little Dipper), $20.94 from Wolf Path Studio

leather bookmark astronomy constellation

24. Laser-cut of the Gemini Constellation, $15.61 from Chris Os Creations

leather bookmark Gemini

For your favourite fandoms

25. Harry Potter: The Boy Who Vanishes, $3 from Kiki’s Mermaid Shop

leather bookmark harry potter

26. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, $18 from Leather Goods Shop Co

leather bookmark hogwarts

27. Star Wars Fans, $16 from Leather Works by Willow

leather bookmarks star wars

28. May Gibb’s Gumnut Babies, $6 from Cpephemera

leather bookmark gumnut baby

29. Biohazard leather bookmark, $15.08 from Chris Os Creations

leather bookmark biohazard

30. The Bat-Bookmark, $11.37 from Bless for You

leather bookmark Batman

31. Game of Thrones: House of Stark, $19 from Globerina Design

32. Wilbur the Pig (from Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White), $9.82 from Raven King Crafts

leather bookmark pig charlotte's web

33. Squish a mouse for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, $7 also from Raven King Crafts

leather bookmark mouse

History Inspired leather bookmarks

34. Historical Images of Women, $9.82 from Raven King Crafts

leather bookmarks history women

35. Knights and Shields, $7 from Raven King Crafts

leather bookmarks knights shields

36. Divine your own truth with the “Feather of Ma’at”, a hand-carved feather, $14.95 from Elysian Workshop

leather bookmark feather

37. Aged leather bookmark with custom symbols, from $16 from Saber Shores

leather bookmark ancient egypt

Perfect leather bookmarks for book rioters

This last group I save for all Book Rioters, writers and followers. Each of these bookmarks captures the essence of what it is to write for Book Riot, and to read with you. Thanks to YOU, I read every book with new eyes. Every time I pause and mark the page, I am thinking of this community and what you have brought to the world of reading.

38. “So many books. So little time”, $29 Fine Gifts Engraving

leather bookmarks for bookworms

39. “Treat yourself to a little literary therapy” (Nadine Cortez), $15 from Etchey

leather bookmark literary therapy

40. “Keep Calm and Read a Book”, $9 from ZAHRT

leather bookmark corner keep calm

41. “Where I fell asleep”, $11.49 from Sweet Pea by Jess

leather bookmark quotes

42. Simply Red leather bookmark, $11.96 from Stone Hill Shop

leather bookmark

43. Anything from the Book Bitch range, starting at $12 from Espacio Handmade

leather bookmark corners

44. Sea Otter Leather Charm Bookmark (when you just need a cute reminder to read), $17 from Vanca Craft

leather bookmark sea otter charm

45. And for when you simply have no more foxes to give, $7 from Rave King Crafts

leather bookmark fox



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