LAVISHLY APT: 25 Author Anagrams That Also Work as Book Titles

Below are 25 hypothetical book titles generated by mixing up the letters of author first and last names. I originally didn’t mean this to be a game, but since I know some of you like a challenge, I’ve left the author names blank to give you a chance to figure out the anagrams. If you do manage to decipher them all, then you win my total respect and admiration… and your brain should probably be displayed in a museum someday.

If you’d like to skip the brain tease and go straight to the answers, just scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the complete list with unscrambled names.

  1. Raw Dog Amaretto by _______________
  2. My Noble Rite by _______________
  3. A Menial Drunk by _______________
  4. To a Nobler Boor by _______________
  5. Lo Came Ruin by _______________
  6. Mandible Jaws by _______________
  7. Teacup Matron by _______________
  8. Nursemaid Cake by _______________
  9. May I Enthrall by _______________
  10. Darkness Cliche by _______________
  11. A Nil Enigma by _______________
  12. Weaker Lilac by _______________
  13. Reengage Harm by _______________
  14. Daily Jam Run by _______________
  15. Show a Hot Decline by _______________
  16. Idlers or Signs by _______________
  17. Heathen Man Jolt by _______________
  18. Morons in Riot by _______________
  19. Lavishly Apt by _______________
  20. Bimbo Snort by _______________
  21. Underage Ogress by _______________
  22. I, Valiant Loco by _______________
  23. Slow Her Lava by _______________
  24. Label Every Cry by _______________
  25. Hitherto Dawn by _______________


And that’s just a start. Feel free to take a stab and add more author anagrams in the comments. Now check out the answers, which in some cases are eerily appropriate.


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