Last-Minute Literary Valentines: Three Printables!

You didn’t forget Valentine’s Day there, did you, champ? Maybe you weren’t paying attention and it snuck up on you? Too busy being shocked and surprised at the Easter Bunny’s appearance in the seasonal aisle (WHY IS IT OUT SO EARLY) to notice all the cupids and hearts?

At Book Riot, we’ve got you covered. Here are five fabulous printable Valentine cards to save your butt. You’re welcome.

1. Over at Random House Canada’s Retreat blog, they’ve got cards versions of some of their biggest Winter releases, like this one of Andy Weir’s The Martian (which I’m giving to all my Book Riot family this year, since I think we were all totally smitten by this title).


2. An oldie but a goodie, how about some Game of Thrones Valentines for all your best nerds? Chris Bishop made these two years ago, and I featured them on these pages last year, but who can get enough? And if you haven’t seen them, you’ll love them.


3. Ben Kling’s portrait Valentines are fabulous and include literary luminaries like Mary Shelley and, my favourite, the inimitable Oscar Wilde.

oscar wilde valentine

You got any good printable Valentine sources, Rioters? Help us help the forgetful among us. And have a perfectly bookish February 14, however and with whomever you celebrate it.


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