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Last Minute Gifts Under $100

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I can’t be the only one who lets the holidays creep up on me. Yes, I’ve seen decorations everywhere, but stores start decorating so early I always dismiss it. The inundation of emails has me mass deleting without thinking about how far along we are in the season. I’ve been getting dozens of them a day for weeks. Get out of my inbox! 

It’s like the avocado ripening on the counter: not ripe for days, perfectly ripe for one day, overripe. I thought I had more time! How did we move from the holidays being weeks away to being overripe? Never fear, fellow distracted shoppers. I have compiled a list of amazing last minute gifts under $100 that you can get shipped right to your door. Or right to the recipient’s door. Whatever’s faster.

Last Minute Gifts Under $100 for the 2022 Holiday Season

Book Pins $18

enamel pins in the shape of books

Your jean jacket needs a little flair. So does your laptop bag, lunch box, and book tote. These enamel pins are cute, funny, and sure to delight any recipient.

Dragon Book Lamp $23

lamp shaped like a book with dragon on the cover

Y’all. Here is the coolest gift on the internet. A portable lamp shaped like a book. It has voice commands. It changes colors. It plays sleep sounds. It charges via USB. The cover has a dragon on it. You’re welcome.

Open Ear Headphones $80

black open ear headphones

The audiobook lover in your life will love these. If you know someone who has trouble finding earbuds that fit, this is a perfect solution. Also great for audiobook listeners who don’t want to stop the story, but still need their ears. Parents and runners are especially going to love these headphones. 

Reading Chair $90

beige cushioned chair with wooden handles and legs

No reading nook is complete without a reading chair. Pop a lamp by this sleek and simple design, and you have the perfect reading corner.

Floating Bookshelf $40

three stacks of books that appear to be floating on the wall

Shelves that create the illusion of books floating on their own. Three come in this package, which is the perfect number for creating a stylish design.

Narrow End Table with Book Storage $39

narrow end table with wooden top, black metal legs, and a canvas shelf underneath

The perfect sized table to squeeze between furniture or to put at the end of a sofa without sticking out into the walkway. Plus, it has a canvas book shelf to add storage and design. Unstubbed toes everywhere will thank you for a narrow end table.

Enchanted Library Coloring Book $8

enchanted library coloring book cover

Coloring is a healthy way to relieve stress. It creates mindfulness. When the pages are full of charming book scenes, the dopamine is bound to increase too, right? Coloring books make great gifts for audiobook listeners because it gives them something to occupy their hands while still leaving their minds free to listen.

No-Bleed Highlighters $14

package of no-bleed highlighters in cool tones

So many people love annotating their books. With these no bleed highlighters, the reader doesn’t have to worry about ink seeping into the paper, making the next page hard to read.

Tree Bookshelf $95

tree style bookcase full of books

Another narrow furniture solution, this tree bookshelf is small enough to fit almost anywhere you want to put it, but big enough to make a statement in the room. Now those piles of books are intentional and part of the decor.

Mug Warmer $34

white coffee mug sitting on a black electric warmer

Who among us hasn’t gotten so absorbed in a book that they let their tea go cold? Never have to nuke a mug of coffee again with this mug warmer. It has two temperature settings and an auto shut off feature after eight hours of warming.

Book Sleeve $16

denim colored book sleeve with zippered top

For the reader on the go, this book sleeve protects books. No more bent covers or torn pages pulling a book in and out of your bag. Holds both hardback and paperback books.

Agate Bookends $51

blue agate cut, polished acting as bookends for 3 books

Beautiful and functional, these bookends will dress up any space. Plus, agate promotes courage and self-confidence while dissipating fear. These will increase not only the style of a space but also the vibe. 

Book Tracker Bookmark $10

bookmarks that look like bookcases full of blank books

With these bookmarks, you don’t need a spreadsheet, journal page, or endless note in your phone. Write in titles as you finish them and move the marker from book to book as you read. Watching the spaces fill up is so satisfying.

Heroic Girls in Books Poster $15

a poster with illustrated heads of fictional girl characters

Wall art that’s as gorgeous as it is informative. A poster full of fictional girls who do awesome things is the perfect gift for the young reader in your life. 

Toni Morrison Tote $52

Black tote with text that reads "You are your own stories" -Toni Morrison

It’s often said that you can’t have too many books, but you can have too many to carry at one time. Enter this sleek tote with iconic Toni Morrison quote.

I hope this list of last minute gifts under $100 has been useful for you. Now go forth, my fellow frantic shoppers! There’s still time yet. Even if it’s late, a well thought out gift is just as meaningful.