Kurt Vonnegut’s Novels: A Gallery of First Editions

This post is part of our Kurt Vonnegut Reading Day: a celebration of one of our favorite authors on the occasion of the publication of his letters. Check out the full line-up here.

Here, in chronological order, are the first American editions for Kurt Vonnegut’s novels. Mid-to-late 20th Century literary fiction/sci-fi at its very best.

player piano

Published 1954


Published 1959

mother night

Published 1961


Published 1963

god bless you mrs. rosewater

Published 1965

slaughterhouse 5

Published 1969

breakfast of champions

Published 1973


Publishes 1976

dead-eye dick

Published 1982


Published 1985


Published 1987

hocus pocus

Published 1990


Published 1997






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