Critical Linking

Kids Whose Parents Read to Them Understand Up to 1.4 Million More Words: Critical Linking, April 14, 2019

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According to Jessica Logan, the study’s lead author, kids who are read one short book per day enter kindergarten knowing 290,000 more words than kids whose parents didn’t read to them. If you increase the number of books to five per day, that vocabulary disparity swells to 1.4 million words.

Read to your kids if you’ve got ’em. Offer to read to other people’s kids if you don’t (with their permission, of course). 

The Babylonian Almanac is among the earliest texts to lay out such daily prescriptions and predictions. From there, the format took off. By the early modern era, Europeans were eager to know how to carpe the heck out of each diem, and when to evade danger by laying low. In the pages of almanacs, readers found calendars and counsel—everything from reminders about religious feast days to details of the lunar cycle, according to Cambridge historian Lauren Kassell. Readers snapped up these volumes in huge numbers. During the Renaissance, historian Bernard Capp has noted, English almanacs sold some 400,000 copies a year—bested only, perhaps, by the Bible.

Is the modern equivalent the smart phone?

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I added a pile of books to my to-read

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