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4 Tips And Ideas For Creating Great Kid’s Reading Nooks

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Etinosa Uwadiae


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Creating a reading nook for your kids is a great way to encourage them to read more and make it a fun and relaxing activity for them. You can create a space for your kids to read and get lost in their imaginations without breaking the bank, by using the items you have at home or working within your budget.

Reading corners come in all shapes and sizes, what matters is that your kids really love and enjoy reading in their nooks. I’m here to share some ideas and tips to inspire and help you create great kid’s reading nooks.

Find the Perfect Spot

First up, you have to find the perfect spot for the kid’s reading nook. A spot where they can relax and peacefully read their books without any distractions. It could be a corner in your parlor, a closet that’s not in use, your attic, a part of your backyard, or even a part of their bedroom.

You’ll want to find somewhere that’s well lit, well ventilated, safe, and where your kids won’t end up being too distracted in while reading.

Great use of closet space to make a kid’s reading nook.

Create a reading tent in your backyard and get your kids reading outside.

This attic reading nook looks super comfy.

Make it Comfortable

After finding the perfect spot for your kid’s reading nook, next up is to make it comfortable for them to read there. You can use furniture you already have or splurge a little on items to make their reading nook cozy.

You can put a table and some chairs, with a bookcase to hold all their books.

kid's reading nooks bookshelf image

This easy to reach bookcase would work great for little kids. $120

You could add a bean bag, throw pillows and blankets, for extra comfort.

bookish throw pillow image

This book-themed throw pillow would fit right in. $30+

book themed blanket for kid's reading nook image

Get cozy with this bookish blanket. $50

corner cushion for kid's reading nooks

This corner cushion would be great for small spaces. $165

You can add a reading lamp to their reading nook, so they can read in the evenings or on cloudy days without straining their eyes.

a hammock chair seen hanging outdoors on a patio

For small spaces or outdoor reading nooks, you could set up a reading hammock. $75

Decorate! Decorate! Decorate!

After making the reading nook all cozy, you can go the extra mile and decorate it. By adding wallpaper, giving the walls a fresh new coat of paint, putting flower pots, you can add sparks of color to the reading nook.

Here’s a kid’s closet reading nook with a bright plant themed wallpaper.

rug for kid's reading nook image

Adding a great rug can also spruce up the reading nook. $80+

motivational wall art for kid's reading nooks

You can also put up wall art like this one ($10+). It could be of quotes, images or something the kids love.

You can have the kids join you to decorate the reading nook so it truly becomes their own.

Don’t Forget the Books and Fun Items

Now that you’ve created the reading nook, you can put their favourite and new books in the bookshelves in their reading nook. You can also add book related fun activity items like coloring books, crayons and stickers. This helps make the reading nook more interactive for them. As they dive into new worlds and learn new things, they are also able to express their creativity through these activities.

kid's reading journal image

This cute reading journal where they keep track of all the books they’ve read would be a nice addition. $12

image of fun bookmarks for kid's reading nooks

Bookmarks you can color! A win win in my opinion. $1

image of book lovers pencil set for kid's reading nooks

Some bookish pencils are always a good idea. $15

And with that you’ve created a kid’s reading nook. Remember you don’t have to spend a lot to create it, you can take furniture and items from your home and do a little DIY to create that perfect reading nook and I hope this post has given you some ideas for this.

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