Kids’ Bookends: Vintage, Personalized, and Kid Safe!

Whether you’re setting up a nursery or decorating a child’s room, we all know the one thing you’ve got to have: books! It’s never too early to start building a library, and an important part of library decor is bookends. We’ve culled the internet and found some great kids’ bookends, from kid-safe options to vintage brass bookends, sturdy wooden bookends to personalized baby bookends that would be perfect for a nursery. I hope you’ve got several bookcases and rooms to outfit, because you’ll probably want more than one!

Kid-Safe Bookends

Plush Pillow with Unicorn Fabric Bookend

Bean bag pillows: these unicorn fabric bookends are sturdy enough to hold up books, but still lightweight so they won’t hurt children.

Plush Elephant Kids BookendsPlush elephants bookends: soft and safe for play, too!

Plush Fox Kids Bookends

Crochet fox bookends: this adorable plush fox would make a great book friend, and is customizable!

Vintage Kids’ Bookends

Vintage Teddy Bear and Bunny Kids Nursery Bookends

Vintage teddy bear and bunny: these would be wonderful nursery bookends!

Vintage Winnie the Pooh Bookends

Vintage Winnie the Pooh bookends: someone please buy this classic scene as bookends before I do.

Vintage Classic Pooh Bookends

Vintage Classic Pooh Bookends: this would pair perfectly with your children’s A. A. Milne collection.

Vintage Squirrel Bookends

Vintage Squirrel bookends: I know these may seem like an odd choice for children’s bookends, but I think these would be great for a tiny fan of Squirrel Girl!

Personalized Bookends for Babies and the Nursery

Star and moon personalized baby bookends

Star and moon baby bookends personalized: these would make a great shower gift.

Personalized Letter Bookends

Personalized initials bookends: great for a nursery or children’s room.

Shimmery Rainbow Kids Bookend

Shimmery wood rainbow: this personalized kids’ bookend would work for any age.

Brass Bookends

Vintage Brass Bookends Kids Playing Tug of War

Kids playing tug of war: for the classy, old school nursery.

Vintage Brass Bookends Kids Reading

Vintage brass bookends featuring kids reading.

Sturdy Brass Moon Bookends

Brass moon bookends: a sturdy kids’ bookends set, which would also look nice in a nursery.

Sturdy Wood Bookends

Fox and Raccoon Wood Bookends

Fox and raccoon bookends: this wooden set is also customizable!

Clouds Bookends Kids Nursery

Clouds with faces: this wooden bookends set would be delightful in a nursery.

Robot Bookends

Robot bookends: a fun set for any children’s library.

Wood Llama Kids Bookends

Llama bookends.

Wood Safari Kids Bookends

Giraffe and elephant bookends: customizable safari kids’ bookends.

Wood Rainbow Unicorn Kids Bookends

Wooden rainbow unicorn kids’ bookends.

Tree with Colorful leaves and bears wooden kids bookends

Colorful trees and bears: these wooden bookends featuring a mama and baby bear are also customizable.

Wooden Cactus Sturdy Kids Bookends

Wooden cactus bookends.

Colorful Star Bookends

Red and blue stars: sturdy children’s bookends.

Wood hippo bookends

Wooden hippo bookends: these hippos have googly eyes! Now you need them, right?

Wooden Dinosaur Kids Bookends

Customizable dinosaur bookends for kids!

White Clouds Nursery Bookends

Cloud bookends: if smiley clouds are a little too whimsical, these classic white clouds would be lovely nursery bookends.

Wooden Rainbow with clouds and raindrops bookends

Wooden rainbow nursery bookends: featuring a cloud and rain drops!

Large Wooden Whale Bookends

Large wooden whale bookends.

Metal Bookends for Children’s Rooms

Metal Superhero kids bookend

Superhero bookend: kids would get a kick out of this superhero keeping their books from tumbling off the shelf.

Metal whale bookends

Large metal whale bookends.

Large cast iron jacks bookends

Cast iron jacks: definitely not for play, but would work great as a kids’ bookend.

Other Kids’ Bookends

Wooden Castle Children's Nursery Bookends

Wood castle bookends: I love this one for a nursery.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Bookends Children's

Very Hungry Caterpillar: these bookends are no longer in production, but you can still find them occasionally on Amazon and eBay, so buy it while you can!

Ceramic lion and elephant children's nursery bookends

Ceramic lion and elephant nursery bookends.

You can find more bookends for the nursery and kids rooms here.

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