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Check Out This Kickstarter: Heroic Girls In Books—A Wall Chart

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When browsing Kickstarter, we find incredibly good projects, and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice of which project to back up.

Timothy and Aurélia Sanders are a couple who, simply put, create wall charts. In the past, they have created charts for Shakespearean insults, lines from Austen’s novels, and a very cool one that I truly have to get my hands on sometime: all paintings created by van Gogh. This time, they’ve decided to highlight all of the amazing girls found in literature!

Heroic Girls In Books – A Wall Chart is something I definitely will want to hang on my bedroom wall! This Kickstarter has been fully backed by now – they managed to get $11,000 when the amount pledged was only $2,150! – but you still have time to give them yet a little boost! If you don’t want to wait any longer for the coolest of wall-charts, head back to their Kickstarter and make a pledge! In it you’ll find, among many others, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Xiomara Batista (The Poet X), and Pearl/Soupy (Soupy Leaves Home).

You can also buy any of the wall-charts mentioned above at their official site, Curious Charts.

Now here’s another challenge: after hanging it on your wall, why not go and try to read every book with each of these wonderful female characters? You can even opt for the colour-in version of the chart they offer, and colour them in as you go!

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