Kickstart Your Reading Life with the Crowd

Nicole Perrin

Staff Writer

Nicole is an editor, reader, tea drinker, and lit blogger (not necessarily in that order). She tweets at @bibliographing and blogs at Follow her on Twitter @bibliographing.

Kickstarter helped Book Riot raise enough money to produce Start Here: Read Your Way Into 25 Amazing Authors (featuring moi, as it happens, with a second volume on the way), but that’s hardly the only bookish project on the crowdsourced funding site. Projects for virtually every literary niche are just waiting to be nudged along by the patronage of interested future readers. Here are just a few.

  • Ever wish you had a book of notecards with “brutally honest quotes that we all think, but usually don’t say out loud”? Well, I’m not sure I’m ready to hand them out myself, but I could see Andés Pazos’s Notecard Daydreams finding a home on my coffee table, where visitors can contemplate quotes from Tom Robbins, Oscar Wilde, and Nietzsche, in handy illustrated form.

    Waste Land for Babies


    And that doesn’t even get into the main areas of fiction or comics and graphic novels, where the rule seems to be: if you want to read it, someone out there wants to write it—and give you the chance to help make that happen.



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