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Kickstart This: Molly Danger (July 16, 2015)

The comics crowdfunding world is large and difficult to keep track of; each week, we highlight a few fundraising projects that are worth your time, attention, and maybe your dollars!


(1) Molly Danger: The Ongoing Series

All-ages comics are a huge thing right now, and Molly Danger is a great choice. It features a strong female lead (young Molly, who has amazing super powers, but has no life of her own because it’s controlled by a government agency) and diversity on the page and behind the scenes in creator Jamal Igle.

Recommended pledge: $20 gets you the first six issues of the series digitally, plus a PDF of the first book.

(2) Heartless

Heartless is a webcomic featuring LGBTQ and asexual main characters about VAMPIRES who dress really fancy. The author is trying to make the transition into print, and, well, who doesn’t want to see vampires in fancy dresses?

Recommended pledge: $6 USD gets you a physical copy of issue #1 and a PDF of the book.

(3) CHEMystery #1: Science Education in Comic Form

Teaching kids chemistry and science through comics? SOLD.

Recommended pledge: $10 gets you a digital copy and a hard copy.