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Kickstart this! LEGO Library

Most of us book-lovers are library-lovers. Stopping by our public or school library whenever we can. Fidgeting with excitement over how many books we can read FOR FREE. Paying those involuntary library donations [AKA fines] because we got lost in books and forgot to take them back. Dreaming of camping out or moving into our favourite public library. A home library is the ideal. Wall after wall of books; all the trappings of the pre-digital public library experience. But, let’s be honest, how many of us have homes even close to big enough to contain an actual proper library?

Dream home library (from Beauty and the Beast)

Whilst this is an impossible dream for most, there’s a great new project on Kickstarter that’s offering an adorable compromise: LEGO® Card Catalog and Book Drop Kits for Library Folks. So although you still may not be living in a library your LEGO people and/or pet mouse finally can.

LEGO card catalogue

The card catalogue contains six drawers that can be pulled in and out and contain catalogue cards. There are 140 pieces to assemble. Because LEGO is really just mini-IKEA. But much more fun.

LEGO book drop

The book drop for your LEGO library contains a further 56 pieces with working openings at front and back. It comes with a random LEGO assortment of books along with items of food, personal care items, clothes. All the things librarians have the pleasure of finding in their book drops.

Library-themed enamel pins

There are also available a delightful assortment of library-themed enamel pins. I have a real need for an “At Dawn We Read” pin myself.
Find this LEGO LIbrary Kickstarter here. At the time of writing, they’re already at almost five times their pledge goal with 28 days to go. Because this is great. I’m hoping that if this takes off they’ll make a wider range of library furnishings. An entire LEGO library, please!
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